Using an Article Writer’s Website for Evaluation

Contrary to popular belief, good writing doesn’t come easily, and not everyone can do it. Since quality writing can make a difference to a company’s sales, many companies wisely choose to hire an article writer to provide content. Once a company decides to outsource its writing, the question becomes how to choose the best writer for the job. One effective method is to narrow down the choice to several writers, perhaps based on location or recommendations from trusted sources, and then to evaluate those writers’ websites for three main elements.

Content: Because the article writer may not have created the website, its design—colors, layout, organization—should be less important in the evaluation. Entrepreneurs should focus on the written content, which should highlight the writer’s best work. Reading the content, then, will give a good idea of the level of writing that can be expected if the writer is hired. Several aspects should be examined:

• Accuracy: Is the grammar and spelling correct? If the reader finds a small mistake (or several), it’s advisable to take this writer out of the running. The mistake may be just a slip, but an entrepreneur shouldn’t take the chance that the article writer might make many mistakes on the job, which can lead to a loss of the company’s credibility.

• Organization: Is the writing organized, and does it flow smoothly? A key quality in writing is clarity, which involves good organization and flow. Lack of clarity leads to misunderstanding, which is detrimental in business-related writing. An article writer whose site contains poorly organized writing should also be eliminated from consideration.

• Style: Is the writing style appealing to the business owner? Style varies between authors, and not every style will appeal to every reader. An unappealing style doesn’t indicate a poor writer, but business owners hiring an article writer want to ensure that the writer can write in a style that’s suitable for the required purpose. If the style of the site content doesn’t seem appropriate, the business owner should also read any samples that are posted.

Samples: Most of the time, an article writer will post samples of writing produced for other clients. Entrepreneurs looking to hire should examine these samples carefully, both individually and as a group to get a broader view of the many styles the writer can adopt. In each sample, the reader should look for the elements outlined above and the overall range of styles and topics presented. The reader should evaluate whether any of the samples suit the writing style needed for the job and whether the writer has experience writing in the area of the entrepreneur’s business. If both those things are absent, another writer may be a better choice.

Testimonials: Testimonials on the website are also important. They can provide feedback from multiple clients about the writer’s skills, not only in writing but in other important areas such as reliability. Readers shouldn’t stop there, though; they should contact some businesses that gave testimonials about the article writer. This allows entrepreneurs to ask specific questions about the writer and the work produced.


Final Step: Once the website evaluations are done, a small business owner will hopefully have narrowed the hiring choice further. At this time, the owner should contact the remaining potential candidates directly and ask them to do a short writing task for evaluation. This task will be the best test of the suitability of each article writer who remains in the candidate pool and ensure the best likelihood of a good fit.

This guest post was written by Brooke Kobara, on behalf of I'm Write a freelance writing company that provides everything from content writers to SEO copywriting, creative writing and more. To know about how to hire a content writer, you may also visit About.com.