From Beds to Dressers - How to Lend a Countryside feel to your Bedroom with Rustic Furniture

When building a rustic themed home, or when incorporating certain elements of this style into your abode, it is important that you bring it to each and every space for a uniform look and feel. The furniture that you choose for the interiors has a great bearing on creating the rustic feel in your dream dwelling. Different kinds of furniture work for different spaces, and here are five items of the rustic kind, which bring the look into your bedroom.

● The bed

The bed is probably the largest and the most visible piece of furniture in any bedroom. So, it makes sense to pick a rustic bed ( Foxdendecor.com/Rustic-Bedroom-Furniture ) before any other article to create that warm and homespun feel in this cozy space. This could be a basic design made with reclaimed wood. The footboard could be a simple rectangular piece, or feature multiple panels placed in horizontal, vertical, or event diagonal fashion. Instead of wooden panels, you could also build a bed with full wooden logs. The crude appearance of the timbers adds to the unsophisticated feel of this style. Yet another way to style your rustic bed is by giving the different panels different colors or finishes, or by adding metal accents.

A rustic bed maybe simple, but it definitely does not stop you from utilizing your space well. Even beds of this style can be designed to double up as storage spaces with drawers underneath. They can also be of the convertible type, in case you wish to save some space within this relaxing joint in your home.

● The headboard

Well, you may already have a wooden bed in place, and you do not want to invest in a new one. A simple way to still add the rustic charm to your bedroom is by opting for a rustic headboard. Reclaimed wood, especially barn doors or planks sourced from demolished buildings, is a great choice for rustic headboards. You could also opt for a natural, weathered finish, and add a hint of style with an engraving in the center, or on the planks.

● The bedside stands

When you have a bed and a headboard that exudes a rustic charm, how can you forget their closest aide? The stand that holds your night lamp as well as the night time paraphernalia, when made with salvaged wood, brings the countryside charm straight to your bedroom. You could opt for the standard design with drawers to cater to your storage needs. For those who are willing to keep it as simple as possible, a rustic stool or a wooden pallet box is a great substitute. Refurbished wine barrels are an equally interesting choice for bedside stands that lend a rustic feel.

● The dresser

Your clothing, accessories and multiple other things that need to be stored inconspicuously, can go into a rustic dresser. Opt for a wooden dresser with a weather or distressed finish to bring a completely homespun look. You could also pick ones in aqua, red, lime, or even white if you don’t want an overdose of brown, and want to add a pop of color to the room. When willing to experiment, invest in an oversized trunk with brass accents. Not only would this unusual choice of dresser give you sufficient storage space, but it would also bowl every one over with its style and old-world charm.

● The armoire

An armoire is very similar to a dresser. This too is a storage solution within the bedroom, but is taller and features larger doors instead of drawers. A wooden armoire in silver oak or pine is a classic pick. You could also select ones made from barn wood, for that farmhouse inspired feel. Choosing armoires with a weathered or distressed finish on the wood can also lend the bedroom a rustic charm.

Add these five articles of rustic furniture ( Foxdendecor.com/blog ) to your bedroom, and witness the countryside charm take over the coziest of spaces in your home.