Factors to Consider while Living in Bellevue Condos

Condos refer to a kind of home ownership and not the style of building. When living in condos, owners can live in a particular unit of the building, or may even share a common property like the recreational facilities, gym, hallways and lobby etc.

Owners can enjoy plenty of advantages while living in Bellevue condos and these include low maintenance style and affordability. The owners have to pay a monthly fee that covers the entire building cost like ground maintenance and utility bills every month. The money collected each month is added to the common reserve fund of the condo. This money is set aside for repair works like fixing pool and roofs etc.

If you are planning to buy Bellevue condos especially for the first time, it can become a stressful process for you. Consideration of some of the aspects can help you select the right condo in Bellevue:


1. Price is one of the most important considerations that you must be clear about from the very beginning. Once you have decided on the budget, you can plan the extra utilities that constitute a basic necessity for you. If you are looking for parking lot and a locker, enquire if you have to pay anything extra for that.

2. Consider the down payment that you can afford while buying Bellevue condos. The more down payments you make, the lesser amount of interest you pay for the rest of your life.

3. Consider the location while choosing a condo. See if it is conveniently located and suits your lifestyle. If you are looking for amenities like highway, shops, public transit, gym etc, you must check their proximity from your home.

4. Check the floor and suite plan of the Bellevue condo you choose. See if you would be able to arrange all the furniture. You should also consider your family size while choosing a floor plan. Factors like if you are living with your family, if you need some extra storage space, garage space that you want and the number of extra rooms you will need will help you to choose a suitable floor plan.

5. Look for the amenities along with the condo such as pool, guest suits, recreational rooms, gym etc. and the common spaces.

6. A very important aspect that you must not overlook while making a choice is the resale value. Factors like locality, amenities will help you judge the return value that you can expect from the condo.


You can enjoy a convenient and an affordable lifestyle in a condo. So, keep in mind the aforementioned aspects while looking for a Bellevue condo. It will make the entire search process much easier for you. You can also involve the realtors to help you through the search process.

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