How to Use Necklace Display Stands as Part of your Room’s Décor

If you are someone who loves to collect crystal or bead necklaces, you must have several necklace displays ( www.jewelboxco.com/necklace-display ) stands in your possession. Instead of lining them up in your closet or hiding them inside an armoire, you can use them as decorative pieces to enhance your room’s look.

Here are some ways to use different types of necklace display stands in any room’s décor.

Idea 1:

Place a T-bar necklace display stand on a desk in your room along with your other daily cosmetic items. Use it to display your crystal, glass, or bead necklaces in vibrant colors. This will essentially uplift any wall color scheme in a room especially one with neutral or light hues.

You can also use it to showcase your bangle collection along with the necklaces. Simply alternate bangles with necklaces in contrasting colors and you have your very own table decorative item.

Idea 2:

Use a metal stand in round shape to organize your necklaces and to enhance your room’s décor. Hang necklaces, bracelets, and bangles in an alternate manner to use as decorative ornaments. You can also hang colorful feathers in alternate hooks along with your metal or crystal necklaces.

Idea 3:

Wrap a chiffon scarf around a T-bar stand or neatly tie it in a bow. Now, use the stand on your side table or vanity to add a touch of whimsical to your room’s décor ( www.jewelboxco.com/about ). You can use necklaces that you no longer use much to complement the scarf. You can match the color of the scarf with your walls or other dominant hues in your bedroom.

Idea 4:

If you have a number of neckform or bust stands, add a bow of golden ribbon or lace to each before displaying your necklaces on each.

If you have neckform stands in a number of different sizes, stack them snugly to create a single unit. Now, place a crystal piece inside the lowest stack to light it up with color. Display several thin strings of beads or crystal necklaces on the outermost stand. Your very own unique necklace display is ready!

Idea 5:

Use a lay-down stand to not only display your necklaces but to also use as a stand for a decorative piece. Buy one big lay-down stand in black, display on it your necklace or multiple strings, and place a metallic-hued decorative item on top.

Alternatively, you can use multiple smaller lay-down stands in different colors, place them on the same table, and place tiny figurines or crystals on top of each. Use them to display your beads or metal necklaces.

It is easy to create simple yet beautiful decorative items with your necklaces and stands. You can easily dismantle one design and create a new one every other month.