Gift these 5 Handmade Favors at your next Party

Party favors and return gifts are a common sight in parties today. These tokens aren’t compulsorily, but when you gift them to the people who made your party an enjoyable and memorable one, you tell them indirectly how much you appreciate their participation. There develops an unspoken bond between the giver and the receiver in such a gifting gesture. If you are confused on what to gift as party favors, worry not, because even small, handmade objects and articles can be amazing gifts to return to your guests. Here are five such unique handmade gift ideas for party favors.

1 – Wish bracelets

Bracelets are the simplest and easiest of party favors to make. A strand of colored cotton, combined with a starry charm makes for the perfect return gift for your party. Bracelets are especially popular when the party includes girls or women. These accessories can be worn by women of all ages, and to all occasions, and also act as a long-lasting memorable reminder of the fun gathering that you had. Wish bracelets are also a nice gesture, which says how much you value the friendship or relationship with your guest or host. The wish bracelet ( https://Wishletswishbracelets.com/blog ) lets your guest make a wish, after which she ties it around the wrist with three knots, and keeps wearing it till it falls of on its own. When this happens, it is believed that the wish comes true. A wish bracelet not only is a reminder of the bonding, but also of a goal or the thing that you yearn for in life. It also helps you work towards those goals constantly.

2 – Origami paper wraps

Origami is a beautiful papercraft and makes for wonderful wrapping ideas in party favors. From simple folds to complicated ones, you can create any shape of your choice with origami. Boxes, flowers, birds and animals, and many more such shapes can be created with this Japanese art of paper folding. Pick plain or printed wrapping paper in multiple designs and create tiny folded boxes. Fill them with cookies, cupcakes, muffins, chocolates, candies, or sweet surprises, and woo your guests with your artistic skills and creativity.

3 – Succulents in tea cups

Old tea cups can serve as the base for a wonderful succulent garden. Recycle old and used tea cups and fill them with potting mixture, and one or more succulents. Decorate them with chalkboard style tags with handwritten details for an added touch of personalization. Use paper twines for creating bows that exude a rustic touch. Use satiny bows for a classic feel. Such succulent favors are great for all kinds of gathering from birthdays to weddings, and team gatherings.

4 – Candles in tea cups

Here is yet another creative way to reuse tea cups. Convert them into a handmade candle instead. Pick vintage styled tea cups at a thrift store, and fill them with colored candle wax. Place a wick in the center, and you have your perfect tea candle. Use glitter, dry flowers, or confetti to add some drama to the candles. Such additions are great for birthday party favors or those that involve kids. Use scented oils or dried herbs when gifting such favors in adult gatherings, in weddings, and so on.

5 – Test tube favors

Test tubes plugged with wooden corks, and decorated with rustic twine and printed parchment-like paper is yet another creative way to gift guests at your party. From tea blends to coffee grains, homemade spices, jellies, choco chips, and sweet edibles, almost anything can be filled into the test tubes.

Handmade party favors ( https://Wishletswishbracelets.com/handmade-party-favors ) are a great way of expressing your gratitude and affection for the guests who made your party a grand success. They also unleash your creativity, and let you make stuff that are personalized and close to the receiver’s heart.