Accents to Use with Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic décor spells cozy and wonderful. It gives a sense of warmth and can add charm to your home. One of the best places in a home to display your unique sense of style is the living room. It is where you and your family can experience daily bliss of a beautiful living room. It is also where your guests get a glimpse of your home’s unique aesthetics. But finding accents to complement your rustic sofa table ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/rustic-sofa-table ) or chairs is not always easy due to the uniqueness of the items.

Here are some decorating ideas to use with rustic living room furniture.

Idea 1:

Decorate around a Single Item

One great idea for decorating when you have rustic furniture in a room is to make it the focal point in that space.

If you have a rustic sofa table without any add-on paint, create the whole living room in the same shade of wood. Your sofas can be in the same or similar color scheme as well as the rug and curtains. Such a look works best if you have a fireplace in the living room as the addition of browns can add more warmth to the space. Beautify the space further with a lamp on a wooden corner table with a yellow shade. You can also add yellow or white candles in golden or brass holders for extra charm.

Alternatively, you can still keep the theme neutral but instead of using browns add other shades such as black or white sofas. You can also use rugs in multiple hues featuring delicate embroidered patterns.

Idea 2:

Add Colors

Use colors in other decorative accents can complement well with rustic furniture. Use of colors is also a great way to accentuate rustic furniture in any room.

Use accents in fuchsia, red, orange, or royal blue on a rustic sofa table. You can use placemats, colored terracotta bowls, or figurines. Use trinkets like wooden jewelry boxes with carvings or stones. A ceramic or metal tray with large stones or crystals on top of a rustic table can be a very stylish look for your living room.

You can also use colors around the room to complement the wooden table. Use colorful cushions and curtains. You can also select a velvet sofa in a bright color to go with your rustic center table.

Idea 3:

Bring Nature Inside

Use of indoor plants is perfect with rustic furniture ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/blog ). If you have a rustic sofa table, you can place small indoor plants on top of it. You can use colorful planters or terracotta ones with intricate designs. Also, place big plants in the corners or as bookends to a rectangular wooden table against a wall in your living room.

You can combine colors and nature together by placing small flowering plants on a center or side wooden table. Choose from white, yellow, pink, or red flowers for a stunning effect.