Work with Direct Hire Agencies for Your Next Recruitment Drive

According to a ManpowerGroup survey, 40% of global employers have reported talent shortages. Direct hire agencies ( VitaminTalent/direct-hire-agencies ) can help you overcome recruitment difficulties and get you best talent needed by your company. Here are the benefits of working with a direct hire agency.

Access to a Better Talent Tool

Today candidates are exposed to several job channels and advertising the job vacancies in news daily or online job boards are not enough. Many candidates register with direct hire agencies that have a good reputation in the industry. So leading recruiting agencies are more likely to have the most skilled and experienced candidates in their talent pools which you can get access to.

Access to Passive Candidates

Many companies want passive candidates as they are valuable to their current employers. Passive candidates are more likely to have to update skills for the job compared to active candidates who might be unemployed for a long time.

Recruiting passive candidates needs a different approach. Leading recruitment agencies also have passive candidates in their talent pools and know what would excite them to consider the new job offer. They can start the initial conversation on the right foot to get them interested.

Time saving

Hiring delays are not good for any organization. Non-optimized hiring processes lead to losing top talent to competitors. Besides interviews, processes like the background and criminal checks, skills tests increase the time to hire.

When you work with direct hire agencies, they assume responsibility for most of the processes mentioned above. In fact, leading direct hire recruiters have pre-screened candidates in their talent pools which help you save time and avoid hiring delays.

Also recruiting agencies take the responsibility of hiring processes like screening CV’s, initial interviews, candidate communication and follow-up and salary negotiations that take up a large amount of time. Unlike internal recruiters of your organization, professional recruiters ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ) are always hiring for some client and hence they can do all these things in a quicker way saving more time.

Have Extensive Market Knowledge

The job market keeps on changing and internal recruiters who hire a few times in a year might not know current trends in a job market like salary expectations, hot jobs, talent shortages, and others. Professional recruiters who are always hiring have extensive job market knowledge can help you in fine tuning job descriptions to attract right candidates. They are always hiring, meeting leaders in the industry, attending seminars, job fairs, meeting candidates that give them insights of the job market.

According to Frontline Source group survey, over 90% companies partner with direct staffing agencies in their recruitment drive to hire better candidates. The reasons given above show the recruitment agency has an upper hand for finding best candidates for direct hire positions.

How do you find top talent for direct hire positions?