Cold Therapy Speeds Up Recovery Post Knee Replacement Surgery

Cold therapy is an age-old remedy to aid recovery after injuries or surgeries. It is particularly recommended to provide healing to patients after orthopedic procedures such as knee replacement surgery.

Traditionally, ice bags or frozen peas have been used to administer cold therapy. But such methods are not the most effective way to impart healing on the affected area. The cold therapy system from IsoComforter is a better way to administer healing on injuries and wounds.

Cold Therapy Post Knee Replacement Surgery

Doctors recommend cold therapy ( Isocomforter.Com/Cold-Therapy-Unit-with-Iso-Tube-Knee-Pad ) to patients after knee replacement surgeries to hasten their recovery. Your doctor is likely to discuss your rehabilitation options prior to your surgery. The factors that impact and determine therapy and rehabilitation options for patients are the severity of the knee problem and comfort of the patients about specific therapy options. It can also depend on whether a certified physical therapist will administer the therapy to you or if you or a caretaker at home will do it.

Cold therapy is beneficial after knee replacement surgery as it can reduce pain and swelling more efficiently than other recovery methods. Without swelling, the healing process for a wound or injury can be quicker than is otherwise possible.

Use of cold therapy also enables patients to not rely on mediations to find relief from pain after surgery.

Administering Effective Cold Therapy

The method of administering cold therapy is an important factor in determining the actual speed of the recovery after surgeries.

Conventional method of cold therapy is through using ice inside a bag and placing it on the surgical site. But the result is often a messy puddle from the melting ice. The water can even seep into the surgical wound and increase the risk of infection. The melting ice can also wet the clothes and the bedding, which can be very inconvenient for patients.

With conventional methods, it is also necessary for someone to hold the ice bag over the surgical site continuously so that the cold seeps into the body optimally. Such inconveniences can put off patients from cold therapy and slow their healing.

But forgoing cold therapy is not advisable when recovering from orthopedic surgeries. Instead of ice bags, you can use cold therapy machines such as the ones available from IsoComforter to speed up your recovery after a knee replacement surgery.

IsoComforter is easy to use. The design of the machine is such that it is easy to operate. Patients need to simply fill the pump with water and ice, which is easy to do. Once the machine is switched on, the water can begin to circulate and provide cold on the affected area.

The IsoComforter CryoTech unit provides cold therapy through pads that you can comfortably use on knees. Through the pad, the cold temperature is easy to maintain and tolerate for sustained use. You also don’t need to keep replenishing the ice frequently.

Administering cold therapy through IsoComforter is easier and practical for long-term use.