Learn How HDMI Matrix Switcher Can Connect Multiple HDMI Devices to Multiple Displays

If you have multiple HDMI devices and HDTVs at home or office, you would want a hassle-free way to connect all your devices without a mess of tangled wires. The solution to your problem is HDMI Matrix Switcher. Unlike HDMI switches or Splitters ( AviShop.com/HDMI-matrix ), Matrix switcher has multiple HDMI inputs and outputs. Let’s learn more about this device and see how it can resolve your home theater connection woes.

What is HDMI Matrix?

HDMI Matrix is a combination of HDMI Switch and Splitter. It can display video from multiple HDMI sources to different HDTVs or digital displays in your home or office. The HDMI Matrix is a must have device if you have more than one HDTV in your house or office and want to enjoy video in any room without moving HDMI devices around.

The HDMI Matrix can display one HDMI source on all TV’s or different HDMI sources on different TV’s thus giving you maximum flexibility and options in choosing the entertainment source.

Available Sizes

HDMI Matrix Switcher is available in different sizes including 4x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 port configurations. The 4x2 Matrix switch would have 4 HDMI outputs and 2 HDMI inputs while the 4x4 Matrix switch would have 4 HDMI outputs and 4 HDMI inputs.

The larger HDMI Matrix sizes are ideal for conference halls where the video needs to be routed to more displays. No matter what size of HDMI Matrix, it is a useful device that can give you freedom from tangled wires and help you enjoy video from any HDMI source without any fuss.

Devices you can connect to HDMI Matrix

If you go by the name and type of the device, it is not hard to guess you can connect any device with HDMI port to your Matrix Switcher. But that is not complete information ( AviShop.com/About ), the Matrix Switcher also has an Ethernet port and a DB-9pin Female connector that allows you to connect a computer monitor to Matrix Switcher.

Features to Look for in an HDMI Matrix Switcher

Automatic EDID Function

Not all digital displays have same video capabilities. The EDID is a useful technology that helps in finding a compatible resolution between video source and display. The EDID function in Matrix Switcher works to determine the best resolution based on the digital display capabilities that translate into the good viewing experience.

Remote Control

Though the Matrix Switcher has physical buttons on the device to select HDMI source and display, the remote control comes as a much-needed convenience that allows you to select desired HDMI sources without walking up to the matrix switcher.

The HDMI Matrix Switcher provides you an easy way to connect multiple HDMI sources to multiple digital displays and give you total control over the entertainment source selection without much hassle. One good thing is it also does away with the need to move HDMI sources or connecting and disconnecting devices frequently.

Have you used HDMI Matrix for your home theater setup?