How to Pass on the Sentimental Value of Hermle Grandfather Clocks Over Generations

Widely called as Long Case clock and Floor clock, Hermle Grandfather clocks come with varieties of heartwarming chimes every hour and functionalities of clock itself that add especial dimension to a drawing room, living place or hallway. Controlled by means of an eye-catching pendulum ( timelyandtimeless.com/grandfather-clocks ), weights, and escapement machinery the decorative time-teller and furnishing needs very especial care in its keeping and maintenance. From placing on the surface or over the wall to moving the clock and cleaning needs high-level attention and carefulness.

Hermle Grandfather Clock: Safe Keeping Tips

 Always consider positioning Hermle Grandfather Clocks against a safe wall while airy and bright corner of living room is also a great choice. Whether fitted on the wall or on the floor, ensure they are sturdy enough and do not shake often.

 Given the above condition, for people living adjacent to railway tracks, beside airport or roadside counts plenty of heavy transports, a common experience is shaking of walls and floor. This can hinder the normal movement of its mechanisms and can lead to mechanical problems. Choose interior places of your home with sturdier position.

 Use measuring ruler to ensure the levelness of floor is vital. When hanging against the wall, remember even one mm slanting can make the pendulum stop. To be precise, even a slight tilt forward or backward is absolutely no-no.

 In order to set the timing, adjust manually by moving the minute hand clockwise and in a slow motion. Stay away from winding the ‘hour-hand’ unless necessary. Before touching the dials and opening its case, ensure that your hand is clean rather washed, and always avoid lubricants like oil, grease with a view to clean its glass or inner part.

 If you plan to move Hermle Grandfather Clocks from one room to another, always remove the pendulum part before moving and avoid leaning to any side. This can result in distortion the cable system called as pulley. If you relocate to a distant place, make sure to carry the grandfather clock in upright position within a padded box in your vehicle and not by a transporter.

Cleaning Tips

• Cleaning the prestigious Hermle Grandfather clocks too often is unwanted but should be done once in a month. Never use oil or detergent for cleaning purpose.

• Using good quality powder once a month is ideal and dusting can be done in the exterior as well, on the dial, if it feels dirty, with due diligence and care. Employ clean cloth and be careful that it doesn’t drag the hour/minute hands up ( https://timelyandtimeless.com/blogs/news ), outside or in wrong direction. Any kind of bending or pressure on the clock hands can be damaging for the clock overtime.

• It is ideally great to use organic glass cleaner, which can be applied with a moist soft towel or cloth. Keep the outskirts clean and shiny in the same procedure. With this simple cleaning, you can keep Hermle Grandfather clocks well-lasting for generations in pristine shape.