Cold Therapy and How It Helps after Amputation

Due to injuries or disease complications, amputations are at times necessary to save lives. Lower-extremity amputations are very common due to diabetes complications. Other reasons for amputations can be infections ( https://isocomforter.com/product/cold-therapy-unit-with-multi-purpose-pad/ ), complications due to poor circulation (caused by narrowing of arteries), injuries, tumors, frostbite, and trauma.

Life after amputations is not easy. Use of prosthesis also requires adjustment time and cause pain. Cold therapy has proven to be quite beneficial to ease the pain on amputation site and from use of prosthesis,

Benefits of Cold Therapy after Amputation

There are many reasons to use cold therapy after undergoing an amputation. Cold therapy can be useful from reducing swelling, soreness, and pain on the amputation site. Regular administering of cold therapy can speed up recovery in the amputation site. Cold therapy can provide relief from edema, which can occur due to complications from amputations. It can help to reduce swelling in blood vessels and tissues around amputation site. Cold application restricts fluid accumulation and minimizes swelling.

Cold therapy is also helpful in managing long-term pain that can occur long after you experience a physical trauma. People with amputations can experience persistent pain for years down the line. Cold therapy offers them a way to reduce pain and even eliminate it completely.

Speedy recovery after amputation means that you can also be fitted with a prosthetic sooner. It is also one of the reasons doctors and medical professionals recommend cold therapy after amputations.

Prolonged use of prosthesis can also cause pain. You can continue to use cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling that can occur from prosthesis use.

Administering Cold Therapy

To benefit fully from cold therapy after undergoing amputation, you need to use it the right way. Simple cold compressions are not effective for physical trauma caused by amputations. Use of ice packs is also not an efficient way to administer cold therapy for both short-term and long-term use.

Ice can drip from bags and increase your infection risk on the amputation site. Use of ice packs is also messy and not efficient to use on limbs.

One way to efficiently and conveniently use cold therapy is from special devices made for this purpose. For example, IsoComforter’s cold therapy machines are made with patented Iso Tube technology that can provide relief from pain, swelling ( https://isocomforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine/ ), and discomfort after amputation for your speedy recovery. The machine is easy to use and also portable. You can take it anywhere and continue with your therapy without interruptions. With the help of the machine, you can apply consistent temperature over the amputation site for hours. The moving water from pump to pad on the injury site also reduces risk of burns due to cold temperature. You can use the machine to apply cold both above and below the amputation site.

Cold therapy can reduce the discomfort and pain on amputation site to quite an extent.