Effective Liquid Painting Services

Whenever a substrate to be painted is treated properly, the coating can provide excellent corrosion resistance. However, there has always been a debate between wet paint and power coating. Many consider powder coating as the best form of painting a product while many are of a different opinion and consider wet paint as a better option. Wet paint is an ideal choice over power coat when a thinner coating is required. It is also suitable for specific color match which cannot be achieved in any other case. Some of the benefits of wet paint include a thin finish ( sun-glo.com/services/wet-paint ), cost effective, wide range of color choice and corrosion resistance. Wet painting uses different techniques. In some cases an air sprayer is used which operates with pressurized air supplied by a compressor which forces the paint through the nozzle. There are also airless air sprayers available which do not use air to spray the paint. Rather, they use a motorized pump to pressurize the paint and push it through the nozzle. The small particle of paint which is emitted from the sprayer penetrates well into the crevices and pits on the surface that is then sealed with a uniform thick coating.

Another method is to give the paint an electrostatic charge that attracts the paint to the grounded surface. This principle is used in powder coating as well. The paint can be applied with a hot airless technique at a higher temperature and as a result, the amount of solvent required to make the coating sprayable is reduced. The method of painting is determined according to the requirements and needs of the users. It is important to choose the right method or painting in order to achieve higher results and to ensure that the desired finish can be easily achieved. Wet painting is about the application of one or more layers of coating also known as wet painting systems. The first layer is the rust proof primer coat which is followed by one or several layers of coating. This also depends on the level of protection required. For an offshore installation ( http://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), about four layers maybe required due to extreme circumstances while in case of indoor construction, a single layer will be sufficient. Liquid painting service is offered by efficient professionals who understand the requirement of coating and its application. They will help you make a well informed choice on the number of layers required and the method of application to be used. Wet painting forms an important element for indoor and outdoor properties but the method of application and the layers of paint are crucial factors of consideration.