Quick Tips to keep your Rustic Bathroom Vanity Looking New

The wooden rustic vanity is a piece of furniture that amps bathrooms or powder rooms. This functional piece also gives character to these spaces and helps build the countryside feel inside the house. However, this piece of furniture needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to last long, while looking as fresh and beautiful as it was when first installed. Here are some tips to care for your rustic bathroom vanity.

• Clean and polish vanities regularly

For a rustic bathroom vanity to last long ( FoxDenDecor.Com/Rusitc-Bathroom-Vanities ), it is important that you clean it and polish it from time to time. Remove dust, loose hair etc. with the help of a soft, dry cloth. Apply suitable wooden polishes regularly. Use those that suit the kind of wood used in the bathroom vanity – this information is usually given by the manufacturer when you purchase a new vanity. Cleaning and polishing the vanity from time to time helps retain its beauty and pristineness.

• Protect vanities from water and moisture

Rustic vanities are mostly made out of wood, and use timber or finishes that are water resistant. However, this does not mean that that the furniture is waterproof. Water that comes in contact with the countertop or inside can potentially damage the wood and the vanity if left untreated. Mop up water spills that form on the countertop promptly. Constantly monitor plumbing for leakages, and fix them as soon as they form. Else, they may result in water spots, stains, warping, mold and mildew formation etc.

• Keep away from harsh chemicals

In an effort to keep your bathroom spic and span, it is possible that you use harsh chemicals on the bathroom floor, shower or toilet etc. However, the same liquids or abrasives, when used on the vanity, can ruin its surface and the finish it carries. This is true with many spray cleaners as well. So, when cleaning rustic bathroom vanities, use only non-abrasive cleaners and gentle ones made specifically for wood.

• Reapply sealants and finishes regularly

New vanities sold in the market carry sealants and water-resistant finishes. The efficacy of these protective coatings however, decreases with time. When this happens, your vanity gets stained or damaged quite easily. To prevent this, reapply the finishes and sealants every year. This helps protect the vanity from dust, dirt, and stains. Some finishes not only protect the furniture piece, but also restore its actual look and beauty, as when first bought.

• Take care of the countertop too

The countertop of rustic bathroom vanities may be made out of wood or of a different material like soapstone, marble etc. The countertops of the rustic bathroom vanity need as much care as any other part ( FoxDenDecor.Com/Shop ), and needs to be kept free of spills. Also, they should be protected from acidic liquids or strong chemicals, which could react with the stone and leave it stained or damaged.

Follow these simple tips and your rustic bathroom vanity will look new and feel fresh for a long time.