Things you should know about HDMI Switch Audio Extractor

The HDMI cable carries both; audio and video stream. If you have a home theater system or want to divert sound to an integrated sound amplifier, you need an HDMI Switch Audio extractor ( avishop.com/all-products/audio-extractor ) to extract the audio stream from HD signal. Let’s learn more about this device and the features you need to look for when you buy one.

What is HDMI Audio Switch Extractor?

It is a unique piece of AV distribution equipment. The HDMI Audio Switch Extractor works to decode and extract digital audio within the HDMI signal and split the audio into Stereo (Stereo Left/Right) or digital audio (Toslink or Coax). The HDMI Audio Extractor is a useful device if you want to route the audio signal to your home theater system for more sound effects and clarity.

The HDMI Audio extractor consists of an HDMI in, SPDIF Out, Stereo Out, and HDMI out ports. Depending on your home theater or sound system requirements, you can use any sound output port to receive the audio stream. The HDMI signal from HDMI In to HDMI Out remains unchanged in the device. Since the original HDMI signals remain unchanged, you can use the connection whenever you want to use TV’s inbuilt speakers.

The audio switch extractor supports decoding of compressed audio such as Dolby Digital, DTS Digital, and other uncompressed formats. The audio extractor also supports decoding of digital LPCM 2 channels or 5.1 channels.

Features to Look for in HDMI Switch Audio extractor

HDCP Compliant- Today leading broadcasters and entertainment content manufacturers employ HDCP technology to protect their content from copying or other pirated efforts. A large number of digital products like satellite and TV-set-top boxes, DVD players as well as entertainment PCs come with HDCP compatibility schemes.

If you own any of these products, you need to buy HDCP compliant HDMI audio extractor to ensure you are not prohibited from watching any HDCP protected content. If the audio extractor is not HDCP compliant, it won’t be able to decode and extract the audio from HDMI stream.

Selectable Audio Switching- As mentioned earlier, the HDMI Audio extractor provides simultaneous output to S/PDIF and Stereo. In many situations, you would be using only one audio output from the audio extractor. The selectable audio switching feature would enable you to select any desired audio output on HDMI audio extractor and switch audio device easily.

Support for HD Resolution up to 1080p/60- As mentioned earlier, the audio extractor switch also features an HDMI output that can be used to connect to HDTV. If the device does not support HD resolution up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, you won’t be able to watch video content in high-definition format on your HDTV.

The HDMI Switch Audio extractor is a useful device in home entertainment setup that gives you the freedom to use high-definition audio systems. With right audio extractor ( https://www.avishop.com/about-us/ ), you would be able to enjoy the hi-fidelity sound that your HDTV might not be able to deliver.

Did we miss any important information about HDMI Audio extractor?