Why HDMI Extender over Cat6 is good for wired network around your house?

According to Nielsen survey, an average American home has 2.86 television sets and 31% of households have more than 4 television sets. More screens in homes also mean you need more HD devices and a strong network of wires that support the transmission of HD content to any TV in any room. All these require more money.

If you are looking to reduce costs while setting up a wired network at home for media streaming, playing online games, file sharing, you need to consider HDMI Extender ( Avishop/Hdmi-Extender ) over Cat6 option. Not many people know the exact function and usefulness of these devices. Read on to know more about HDMI Extender over Cat technology.

What is HDMI Extender over Cat?

HDMI Extender over Cat consists of two devices- a transmitter and receiver. The Transmitter device features an HDMI input that is fed to buffer amp. It also has an RJ45 connector at the output. The Receiver device features an RJ45 connector at the input which is fed to buffer amp. The receiver also has an HDMI connector at the output and a compensation circuit that rectifies any degradation in the signal during transmission.

In HDMI Extender over Cat network, Cat6 cables are used to transmit HDMI signal and the transmitter sits at one end of network and receiver sits at another end of the network.

What makes Cat6 cable ideal for HDMI transmission?

· Supports 8-bit per channel deep color

· Supports LPCM audio transmission that is uncompressed audio

· Supports 3D and compresses audio such as Dolby Digital and DTS Digital

Why is HDMI Extender over Cat6 is a better alternative than HDMI cable?

Though HDMI cables seem perfect for transmission of HD signals, it comes with some limitations. For example, 50 meters is the maximum reliable length for HDMI cables. However, HDMI cables suffer signal loss and degradation over long distances. Also, it is very hard to find HDMI cables longer than 25 feet. Another problem with HDMI cables is it has around 9 wires; 3 per channel. Without proper tools, it can be difficult to fix HDMI connectors on the HDMI cable.

With Cat cables, it is a different thing altogether. Using the HDMI Extender over Cat ( Avishop/About-Us ), you can easily transmit HDMI signal over Cat cable as long as 120 meters. Besides, Cat cables can be crimped easily and the crimping tools are readily available.

Here are some other reasons for using HDMI Extender over Cat to transmit HDMI signals

· Pre-installed network- many newly constructed homes and also some old ones come with a pre-installed network of Cat cables. Hence, it is practical to use this existing network of Ethernet cables running around your home to connect HDMI devices.

· Support for SPDIF audio transmission- some devices transmit audio in SPDIF format and Cat cables readily support SPDIF audio transmission. This does away with the need to install separate cables to transmit SPDIF audio signals.

Which cables do you prefer to set up a wired network for your entertainment devices?