Why Single and Married Couples Consider Adoption

People usually go through the adoption process to complete their family. Some married couples aren't blessed with being able to bear children of their own. Generally, these couples are plagued with some type of reproductive issue. If they can't afford the medical treatments, they will often turn to adoption.

Infertility is the most common reason why women or couples look into adoption. Some women are born infertile, while others become infertile during the course of their lives. An infection such as Pelvic inflammatory disease can make it impossible for a woman to bear a child. This condition is caused by a form of bacteria, such as Chlamydia or gonorrhea. These infections affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus; which are all essential parts to carrying a baby.


Some couples when considering using adoption due so in order to avoid aggravating health problems. While they may be physically able to bear children, they choose not to so they don't endanger the health or life of the mother. Some women have diseases that may be worsened by carrying and bearing a child. Two examples of this are Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular disease, which can be harmful for both a mother and unborn child. Other time's couples wait too long to start a family. They spent their lives focused on their careers, waiting for the perfect time to start a family. When they come to the realization that they waited too long, sometimes they have to turn to adoption as a last resort.

Married gay and lesbian couples are unable to have children on their own, so they have to adopt if they want to have a family. This type of adoption has become more popular in recent years as society is becoming more accepting. Some families are loving and want to open their homes to children, even if they already have a family, so they turn to adoption. Usually, these families welcome children rather than babies. They have already gone through the diaper stage and want to open their hearts to an older child. Other times, they are concerned they will have a longer wait time for a baby, because they have already been blessed with children.

Single people sometimes investigate adoption to bring a baby or child into their home. This is common with career women. They were focused on their careers and did not marry. Once they hit a certain stage in their lives, they want to start a family, and feel secure that they can do it on their own.

Some people are compassionate to issues mothers and families face in other countries. They will look to adoption agencies in third-world countries or where natural disasters have left many children orphans. When people are established and financially stable, they are able to adopt easily. Adoption agencies want to ensure that children who have been given up by their birth parent(s) are taken care of by their new parents. To do this, what agencies look for is a family that is stable and can provide a loving, healthy environment where a child will flourish with financial stability.

Whatever the reason people choose to use the adoption process; it is a very rewarding experience for both the adopter and children who are being adopted. Opening a home to a child without one is the perfect way to complete a family.

This article was written by Jennifer Poitevint, on behalf of Adopt Help, a full service domestic adoption center specializing in both independent and collaborative adoptions. To know the steps involved before you choose to adopt, you may visit About.com.

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