Express Yourself with Creative Writing

The root of any artist’s talent lies in their creative ability. In the art of creative writing, you are tasked with weaving words together in such a way, the reader can create a picture in their mind of the story or subject, and perhaps become emotionally invested. The point of creative writing is to express thoughts or feelings, with the hope of evoking the same from your audience.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, writing poems is creative too”

Rhyming words together spans all cultures across the ages. Poems, sonnets, limericks, and even songs, fall into the creative writing category. The unique rhythm of each piece not only makes it a pleasure to read, but pleasant to hear as well. For this reason, poetry and song go hand in hand. Take a poem, add some music, and your creative seed has blossomed into something that may truly touch the hearts of your audience members.


“And… Action!”

Unless you are producing a documentary, creative writing will certainly play a “role,” pardon the pun, in the process of creating a screenplay or script. Stage plays rely heavily on exaggerated emotions to make sure the audience receives the writer’s intended message. Good creative writing is critical to help actors, stage and screen alike, convey the right emotions and spark the emotions of the audience.

“To Make a Long Story Short… Novels and Short Stories”

Simply put, these are fictional works. They have a subject, a plot, characters and a setting. They have a beginning, middle, and end. However, what makes creative writing so important to a short story or a full length novel is the ability to bring the reader into another world. A writer uses words to create life for non-existent people, and make us love them, hate them, and sometimes pity them. So much so, that we turn the page to see what happens next.

“Me, Myself, and my Journal”


Journaling, also known back in the day as “writing in a diary,” is by far the best way to convey raw emotions. Journaling is truly creative writing in its simplest form. Nothing is more creative than what comes from people’s personal experiences. For those that discuss their own life, it brings about a brand new story every time that is unique, and usually filled with emotions. With the birth of the Internet, journaling has found a new life as “blogging.” This is merely a personal account of your life or experiences. Journaling is a great emotional release, while blogging offers feedback from readers, as well.

No matter how you chose to practice your creative writing, the benefits are wonderful. Release those tough emotions or bad feelings with a personal “editorial” type work, or maybe a freestyle poem would be more appropriate for the situation. Life inspires art. Art is using your imagination to put different things together and get a new result. Thoughts and ideas are no different. That’s why it’s called creative writing, because words are art as well.

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