The Different Processes in Video Production

Videos is the most appealing and attention capturing medium. Organizations - large and small - make use of this medium to convey stories, create brand awareness, promote products, pitch to investors ( nycvideopros.com/video-production-services ), and to even attract the right talent. Video production companies that offer such services often specialize in providing turnkey solutions. Here are four important processes in video production.

Pre-Production and Production

During this phase of video production, corporate video production companies identify the structure and format for the video production project at hand. That can mean a variety of things depending on the project, from picking the right cast, to selecting the video shoot site, conducting pre-production site visits, selecting the right recording equipment, and building sets where necessary etc. This comes in handy when a corporate organization does not have enough resources or time to perform such activities. Right from conceptualization to actual shoot and final delivery, the video production service provider works closely with the organization to create an impactful story that impresses the target audience.


Shooting involves capturing a story, interview, event, or other form of video on the camera. Corporate video production companies shoot on site, in the studio, or any location of choice as per their clients’ needs. While some forms of video are shot using a single camera, some others need multiple devices to capture the story end to end. This ensures that all angles to the video are put together beautifully. Professional video service providers shoot in high-definition formats for the highest quality output - often using a variety of video production tools to enhance the video and add movement to the shots they capture.


Capturing the story or event is only one part of the video. A lot of effort needs to be put into fine tuning the captured video. This is done through editing work, which picks the right and best frames, and weaves them together to form a compelling story be it promotional content, an instructional video, or a tete-a-tete with C-suite employees in the firm. Editors build these based on the initial blueprints, and also add other elements like graphics, subtitles, animations etc. wherever necessary. Once editing is complete, the soft copy of the video is available for review by the client. The process often includes multiple rounds of feedback so that the output is just as it was conceived, or better.


Finally, once the video is finished - it’s time for publication. Often corporate video production companies will supply their clients with high-definition final videos to utilize and distribute. Sometimes the video production company will work with the client to publish the content to social media channels such as YouTube or provide the team with the resources to utilize the video on their own marketing channels - whether that be for internal or external audiences. Often times, the distribution strategy is multi-pronged ( nycvideopros.com/about-nyc-video-pros ), utilizing a number of different platforms and outlets to maximize distribution and ensure the organization is able to reach their target audiences regardless of where those users consume content.