Internet Hosted IMAP/POP and Exchange Email Hosting Services!

Internet Hosted IMAP/POP and Exchange Email Hosting ( securence.com/pop-imap-exchange-email-hosting ) is one of the extremely important aspects of the hosted email solution. Many users tend to forget the importance of email security spam filtering; this is why one should make use of Internet Hosted IMAP/POP and Exchange Email Hosting. There are different kinds of email options which can help you decide the right email hosting option. The three main types of email accounts are-

IMAP- IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol is one of the best choices for people with email accounts that need to be synchronized between multiple devices. This is highly functional email account due to the great syncing facility.

The advantages of Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) are-

1. Full message syncing facility

2. Multiple devices and client support features

3. Flags and to-do items sync easily

4. Messages saved on the server and downloaded to every new account are easily accessible to the user on different systems

5. Very simple to enable and use

The disadvantages of Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) are-

1. Since messages are stored on the server, space can be a matter of concern

2. Syncing issues can arise at times

3. If multiple people are using the same account, message syncing can create a whole lot of confusion

4. Not supported by all types of email providers

POP- POP stands for Post Office Protocol. Post Office Protocol is the simplest form of email account, which is highly popular among the users due to its simplicity. Post Office Protocol can work only with a single device and can be very limited use on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. If the account is active on a laptop, then the emails will only be active on the laptop. If you try to access them via POP on any other device ( securence.com/blog ), it won’t be available.

The advantages of Post Office Protocol are-

1. Email downloads to one location, keeping only a single copy

2. Easy to set up

3. Extremely popular choice

4. In case of email accounts with more than one user, each email only goes to the first person to open it.

The disadvantages of Post Office Protocol are-

1. No message syncing facility

2. Once the email is downloaded, it disappears from the server automatically

3. No contact, calendar, or data syncing options

Exchange Email Hosting- This hosting facility is special professional email system designed for business purposes. This hosting service can sync contacts, calendars, emails and more across all modern devices, from tablets to desktops to phones.

The advantages of Exchange Email Hosting are-

● Full email message syncing

● The changes can be done within the server’s domain

The disadvantages of Exchange Email Hosting are-

● Expensive in nature

● Difficult to set up this account