Using Email Filtering Services for Businesses

Emails aid business processes superbly. But they also bring in a lot of threats for organizations in terms of data leaks, phishing, and viruses. Email security services ( Securence.Com/Email-filtering ) can prevent the malicious mails from reaching your organization.

Through services like advanced email filtering, you can ensure that your business is always protected from dubious intentions of the spammers. But there is more to email filtering than simply preventing spam emails to reach your organization.

Here are some tips to use email filtering services in the right way to benefit your business.

Choose a service that offers protection from both inbound and outbound email threats. Organizations pay a lot of attention to inbound email risks but often fail to pay any or adequate heed to outbound email threats.

Just like incoming emails can bring in viruses; outbound emails can be misused to distribute malware from your servers. Employees can erroneously send confidential information or use risky language in outbound emails. Healthcare and financial companies need to be extra careful about using certain words or language style when sending company emails due to compliance regulations.

Whether the errors are unintentional or intentional, security threats sent through your company servers can affect your reputation and even create legal problems for you.

Inbound email filtering features to look for –

Select a service that uses the most advanced technology for email filtering. See if the prospective service providers use one or multiple methods to check emails for various threats. If an email filtering service doesn’t employ the latest measures to keep up with the spammers then the benefits they offer are greatly reduced.

Outbound email filtering features to look for –

Choose a provider that offers the most cutting-edge spam filtering to stop any spam email from being sent using your company servers. Look for features such as keyword scanning to prevent confidential documents from being sent through your company emails. The ideal outbound email filtering service must include multiple layers of filters for optimal levels of security.

Ensure that the service provider offers excellent technological support and customer service. Today businesses operate in multiple time zones. Employees, clients, and vendors are constantly sending and receiving emails from around the world. The monitoring of emails thus must also occur on a 24/7 basis.

You may also need support from their customer service department from time to time to resolve issues related to email filtering. So, constant support and quick response time from your service provider are essential features to consider in your selection process.

Check if the service fits within your organizational budget. There is no use opting for a service to prevent email threats if it is very costly or doesn’t justify the costs when compared with features on offer.

It is possible to find email filtering service providers ( Securence.Com/Solution ) that offer low-cost enterprise solutions that are adequate for companies of all sizes and industry.

Email filtering can also help organizations reduced costs of bandwidth use and reduce the workload of the IT personnel.