New and Stylish Small Gym Bag for Women

Designed specifically for girls and women, an average gym bag is designed in the latest style, fantastic colors, and sturdy materials. Slightly lighter in weight ( livewell360.com/products/the-core-2-0 ), it fits the women's frame better than the heavier men's gym bag does. Also, the female bags have lots of storage compartments for carrying personal items along with other added features.

The Core 2.0 is a nice lightweight medium sized gym bag for women. The bag has a highly sleek design, even when it is packed up to the top. It is highly comfortable to carry due to its small size, light weight and a broad strap made up of soft material and the seat belt material are also up to the mark along with a leatherback padding.

Features of the Small Gym Bag for Women-

1. The bag is a must have as the bag has space for almost anything even after its small size. The bag has a highly spacious interior with a large pocket with a zip facility to keep essentials in an organized manner. Also, there is another vented expandable pocket for the storage of dirty or sweaty clothes.

2. The bag is the best choice in case of travelling due to its number of pocket facilities. The bag is designed keeping in mind all the travelling requirements. There is a pocket for a water bottle at the exterior of the bag, along with a magnetic slip pocket for keeping the phone. There is a large pocket on the front with zip facility for quick access to items. There is another pocket in the interior of the bag; it is a padded pocket that is apt for carrying laptops and tablets of about 15 inches in size.

3. The bag is made up premium quality material which is not just water resistant but also odor resistant in nature. The bag is easy to clean. This bag also contains a special shoe bag in order to help you keep your shoes separately from your important stuff.

Material Used- Since these bags come with a lifetime guarantee; one should make this investment judiciously. Hence it is important to know the material used. The exterior of the bag is made up of top grade nylon which is lightweight in nature. The interior of the bag is lined with a modern heather grey poly liner which is taken from the limited edition LW metal plaque.


Before buying any gym bag ( Livewell360.com/Products ) it is important to check the size and the weight of the bag since it will ensure the suitability of the bag for the user. The weight of the bag is 2lbs. The size of the bag goes as follows:

Length - 21 inches

Height -13 inches

Base width -9 inches