Cold Therapy for Knee Injuries

Cold therapy is useful for all types of orthopedic injuries including on the knee joint. You can use it after surgeries or to recover from any injury on the knees. An ice machine for knee is helpful to recover ( IsoComforter.com/ice-machine-for-knee ) at home when dealing with pain or during the post-operative recovery period.

Types of Knee Injuries

The knee joint is made up of different components such as the bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilages. Injuries to any of these knee parts can result in pain and severe trauma; often requiring surgical intervention. Fractures, tears in ligaments and cartilages (ACL, meniscal tears), and swelling in the tendons (tendonitis) are common knee injuries.

Inflammation and injuries can occur in the soft knee tissues as well. Athletes can easily tear their knee ligaments. Joint pain is common in the elderly often requiring knee replacement surgery.

Whatever the nature of your knee injury, you can use cold therapy to speed up the healing process. An ice machine for knee is ideal to deliver cold therapy to the injured joint.

Knee Injuries and Cold Therapy

Cold therapy works by numbing nerves, which reduces their ability to conduct impulses. Without such nerve communication, the inflammation and the pain begins to reduce in the treatment area. When you use cold therapy on knees, the healing temperature will induce the body’s healing processes by hampering nerve impulses.

Cold therapy can help you gain better range of movements in your knee joint after surgeries. It can also reduce your need to use medicines for pain management. Excessive use of painkillers can cause dependency and further health problems. With cold therapy, you can eliminate this risk during your recovery period.

When you use cold therapy through well-designed machines, you can speed up your knee recovery even more. Some machines such as those from IsoComforter are made with an advanced patented technology (Iso-Tube) to offer people in recovery more healing benefits. Such superior-quality machines offer optimal healing through special healing pads that contain ridges for consistent therapy. IsoComforter ice machines for knees are easy to use. It helps the patients to use cold therapy for longer periods without finding the process tedious.

Finding the Right Machine for Cold Therapy

It is just not effective to use ice packs or frozen pea bags for cold therapy when you compare it with the benefits of using ice machine for knees or for any other treatment area for that matter.

Ice bags are messy to use and don’t offer consistent healing. When you buy advanced cold therapy machines such as those from IsoComforter; you can ensure consistent healing on knees without risk of injuries from uneven temperature. IsoComforter makes machines with special healing pads ( IsoComforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ) that you can wrap around your knees easily. You also don’t require filling the tank with ice and water in quick successions when using IsoComforter machines.

So, when buying an ice machine for knees, look for a cold therapy unit that is easy to use, portable, and offers superior healing.