All that You Need to Know About Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Roofing for residential buildings were typically made from asphalt shingles. However, in present times, many home owners and developers are increasingly using standing seam metal roofing in construction. Here are some commonly asked questions about this type of roofing for homes.

What is a standing seam roofing?

A standing seam refers to a type of roofing in which panels run vertically up the length of the roof, with seams connecting one panel to another. They differ from traditional roofs in their installation ( elitesteelandsupply.com/Standing-Seam-Residential-Metal-Roof ), which allows the former to create a better, solid covering that moves under thermal expansion. As indicated by the name, such roofs have seams that are raised or standing. Roofs of this kind are typically made from metals such as zinc, steel etc.

What are the benefits of using such a roof?

Installing a standing seam metal roof for residential buildings has many advantages, such as the following.

• Durability – roofs made of metal are stronger, tougher and longer lasting. They are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand changing weather conditions better than many other materials. Metal roofing in standard seam installation also tends be to be more fire retardant. When treated with suitable finishes, they also resist corrosion and rusting. When maintained properly, these structures last anywhere between 30 and 50 years.

• Less leakages – seams are generally the weakest point in any roofing system. They are also potential entry points for moisture and rainwater. In the standard seam construction, the seams of the roofing are elevated above the panel level into a snug fit, thus preventing leakages. Hence, this type of construction is better choice than composition shingles.

• Better aesthetics – in standard seam design, the metal panels run unhindered from the top to the bottom. As a result, there are no horizontal joints needed to fit the structure together. Fewer seams results in better aesthetics. Also, these outer panels for roofing are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, making them a beautiful and interesting addition to the outer portion of your home. Their sleek look also makes such roofing a perfect match for contemporary as well as country-style houses. They are the perfect mix of modern flair and industrial feel unlike rippled tin roofs found in warehouses of the past.

• Cooling abilities – metal roofs in general are considered to be cooling to homes. This is because they can be painted with lighter colors, which do not absorb heat or raise the temperature inside the home. Composite shingles on the other hand, are difficult to paint.

Is a standard seam metal roofing suitable for my residential property?

Standard seam roofing made from metal are suitable for almost all kinds of building from typical houses to country barn or weekend getaway homes. Their upfront cost tends to be higher than that of asphalt or composite shingles ( http://elitesteelandsupply.com/about-us/ ), but the lower maintenance and repair costs associated with the use leads to better returns on investment. Standing seam metal roofs, in short, are a stylish and more beautiful option than their cheaper composite counterparts.