Email Encryption Services - Essential for Effective Business Communication!

Email encryption involves encoding the contents of an email message to protect it from potential malicious users reading the sensitive information available on the emails. It involves a way of encryption where only the recipients can read the mail.

Emails are a medium of communication which is very vulnerable to misuse if read by an unauthorized user when they are sent over by unsecured public networks. Even if emails are sent over a secured network there is always a possibility of it being intercepted by others using your credentials. Encryption of emails ensures that while the email travels from the source destination to the designated recipients ( Securence/email-encryption-services ), the contents cannot be read even if it has been intercepted by someone.

What should you encrypt?

There are three primary things you should encrypt. They are

o Connection of your email provider

o The actual email messages, i.e. the contents of the email

o The stored or archived email messages

When you encrypt the messages before they are send across the network it ensures that if any hacker tries to hack the email before they are received by the recipient they cannot read the contents of the email.

If the hackers successfully gain access to your password protected accounts, encryption makes sure that the content of the encrypted emails remains unreadable.

How does an email encryption work?

An email encryption works in two ways- public key and private key:

If someone wants to send you an email message they need to encrypt it using the public key

The private key is only for your usage. It is used to decrypt a message that you have received. If hacker’s gains authorized access to your email, without using the private key they cannot decrypt and read the contents of the email.

It is very essential to sign all emails with a private key encryption for safe and secure communications over the public and private network.

Significance of email encryption

As technology is advancing in the modern times, so are the numbers of hackers and cyber crime. Very confidential information sent over emails can be misused if hacked and create havoc. Hence the need to secure online communications is a necessary today:

Protection of necessary information

An Email encryption service secures the privacy of your messages. It also aligns with the state and federal law which requires secured communications of critical data.

Email compliance

Encryption of emails is recommended or made mandatory by most organizations to keep data safe and secure. For example the CJIS security policy makes it mandate for all data leaving the secured network connection to be encrypted. The foreign and domestic governments exchange a vast amount of data. It is mandate in their organizations to use highly secured data encryption programs ( Securence/hosted-exchange-solution ) to protect the critical data about the nations.

Aids in authentication

When an email is hacked, the hacker may use the encrypted message and misrepresent of the parties or trick the recipients of the emails to disclose important and confidential information. Hence it is necessary to encrypt all emails being shared over a network.