Reasons Companies Use Services of Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies fill different types of roles for organizations of every size. Some recruitment firms specialize in helping fill only certain roles such as in the creative or marketing fields.

Why use services of staffing agencies to find the right talent:

Specialized Services

Staffing agencies have a team of dedicated recruiters working with them; each specializing in finding talent in a certain category. A direct hire staffing agency ( VitaminTalent/direct-hire-staffing-agency ) specializing in marketing roles may also have a separate division for handling temporary digital talent. But recruiters working in these divisions handle their categories only and provide a niche service to their clients. Such specialized work leads to finding the right talent in the most efficient manner.

Finding Talent without Wasting Time

One of the best reasons to use services of staffing agencies is it saves save precious organizational time.

Reputed recruiters have access to a huge database of talent to choose from when looking for specialized roles for their clients. They are also aware of talent (previous or existing clients) not actively looking for new jobs but those that might be the right fit for your company.

Big or reputed staffing agencies also carry out the vetting process for each candidate before sending them for their final interviews with the clients. At this stage, you will be able to interview potential employees who are excellent fit for the open positions in terms of your organizational culture as well as the required professional skills.

The Cost Factors

Companies continue to lose money because of poor hiring decisions. A high-profile permanent employee may leave the company for any number of reasons before you have had the time to see profits made through this position. Then you also have to factor in the costs of wasted time that your in-house HR team spent on screening, vetting, and filling various positions – only to find them not really right for the role. Such problems can occur due to lack of targeted hiring.

Specialist recruiters deal in targeted recruiting on a daily basis. They keep in touch with their talent pool – even the ones not really looking for new roles. They know if an exceptional freelance talent will be interested in a permanent role in your company given the right conditions and perks. Targeted recruiting offers a great solution that works to the advantage of companies. Recruiters can work with the right talent and help them see the benefits of working with your company instead of temp roles or with another organization.

When you use the services of staffing agencies ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ), you actually work with highly-trained recruiters with excellent success rates in placing candidates in various roles.