Hire Best Child Custody Lawyer in Houston to Modify Custody Right Under Situations

When it comes to child custody, almost all court is inclined to approve a joint shared custody of the child, (except a parent is found unfit) given it has been established that, active involvement of both parents is crucial for the natural and healthy nurturing of a child. Nevertheless, the situation changes, and consequently a parent can appeal for reconsideration and modification of the earlier custody arrangement backed by evidences with best child custody lawyer in Houston. Under such circumstances ( parchmanlaw.com/child-custody ), the learned court will undergo necessary investigation of the facts and figures prior to changing the parenting arrangement. Following are given 3 circumstances, where you can appeal the court for custody changing.

Hire Best Child Custody Lawyer in Houston To Change Custody

• Unfitness of a Parent's Physical and Mental Verve

The role played by a parent for effective nourishment of a child is just immense, which requires them to having a healthy physical and mental status. If it’s found that the lifestyle of a custodial parent has been confused, messy, and disorganized, the court may award sole custody to the other parent to ensure safety and security of the child, essentially needed for his/her success. Some of the situations that can is given serious attention of the court include emotional instability, drug abuse, planning to get remarried, unpredictable and haphazard working hours, physical unfitness or victim of any communicable disease.

• Toward the Child’s Academic, Physical Needs

Considerable change of a child’s academic performance, negative reports from the school such as frequent nonattendance, late arrival, failure in class tests as well as his/her physical and emotional health can be a good ground for the court to consider custody change. For instance, if one parent can prove that the child fails to perform in the classroom sessions or achieve grade especially when staying with his/her ex’s home, this can be taken in due consideration. At the same time, if the child needs frequent medical intervention as well as hospitalization or proved having untreated illness due to the negligence of a parent, this can rob the custodian right of a parent.

• The Child’s Security is At Stake

In case, the child is found being in danger in his/her parent’s home due to any case, this can be a major reason for the court to order immediate modification of custody arrangement. There are profuse of incidences like domestic mental and physical violence in a parent’s home. If you suspect that your child is being abused physically or sexually in the home of the custodian parent ( https://www.parchmanlaw.com/blog ), immediately call for best child custody lawyer in Houston. While you take assistance of local police to rescue the child, the lawyers will file the case in no time and get custody change apart from punishing the opponent part by law.