Four Distinct Women’s Suspender Sets to Try out this Season

Suspenders for women were initially designed as a piece of functional clothing to hold the stockings in place without rolling down. However, with the passage of time, this piece of underwear became a fashionable item that got attached to erotic apparel and sexy lingerie ( TheConfectionery.uk/Suspenders-for-Women ), which enhance the confidence, sensuality, and desirability of a woman. Many types of women’s suspenders are available in the market today. From lace laden vintage designs to bare minimal steamy styles, these intimate apparels match the tastes of traditional and modern women alike. This kind of lingerie is often bought as an underwear set – with matching bras, bralettes, panties, thongs, and the like. Take a lot at some unique designs and trendy styles in women’s suspenders.

Strappy garter belts

Lingerie created predominantly using straps has been trending for quite sometime now. The thin strips of cloth or other material are used in different ways – as an accent to a basic design, or as the body itself. The trend spills over to suspender sets as well. An interesting design of this kind is a strappy thong that doubles up as a garter belt. Such an underwear usually features multiple straps in place of fabric around the waist and rear, and has bare minimum coverage on the crotch, usually in luxurious laces or sheer meshes. The garter straps are attached to the lowest strap that forms the body of suspender-like panty.

Camisette suspenders

Yet another design where the suspender fuses itself with another piece of lingerie to create a multifunctioning underwear. In this design, the camisole gets extends to the hip, taking the shape of the body, and ends in adjustable garter strings that can be attached to the stockings. A camisette lacks a separate garter belt around the waist, but is usually accompanied by a matching thong, bikini, or g-string. Camisettes in laces are widely used for everyday dressing, bridal wear, and erotic needs.

Girdle skirt suspender

The garter skirt suspender is a high-waist design that looks more like a fitted skirt than a garter belt. It covers a good part of the torso and has a vintage yet erotic feel. Such suspenders have naturally elevated waistlines and end lower than usual garter belts, often covering the panty, thong, or g-string completely. Such underwear is paired with bras or bralettes of matching style, and looks extremely enticing when fitted with adjustable bows in place of regular garter straps.

Shaping garter belt

Here is another multitasking garter belt. The shaping suspender looks similar to a girdle skirt suspender, but is often made from a more stretchable and lightweight fabric, which also shapes the abdomen. This tummy tucking or tummy smoothing suspender is a great choice for women who need shaping solutions to use with their pencil skirts or bodycon dresses. Being a 2-in-1 product ( http://www.TheConfectionery.uk/Blog ), the suspender also holds up the stockings with the help of garter belts that extend from the lower ends of the shaping underwear.

For everyday wear or occasional use, choose from these designs for a unique twist to your style.