Women’s’ Underwear Sets: Autumn Winter Trends

Every season brings with it a style or trend. Some get carried over from the previous seasons, while some are discarded, and some others, introduced fresh. Such seasonal trends are relevant not just in the context of readymade outwear clothing ( theconfectionery.uk/lingeriesets ), but also to innerwear, especially women’s lingerie. Here are some trends ruling women’s underwear sets this autumn winter.

Peek-a-boo bottoms

Lingerie with cut-out and peek-a-boo designs were much sought after during spring summer, especially in women’s bras. In autumn winter, this trend spills over to women’s panties that reinvent the style in multitudes of ways. Solid coloured sheer fabrics, see-through meshes and fishnet, a combination of straps and laces, cut-out patterns in geometric and other interesting shapes, and many other variants add beauty and sensuality to women’s lingerie and underwear sets.

Velvet underwear sets

Lingerie made from velvet, like peek-a-boo underwear, is a spring-summer favourite that gets carried over to this season. While earlier designs were dominated by glossy fabrics in bright or dark colours, newer trends embrace lighter, pastel shades in blue, pink, lavender, and so on. An equally popular pick is the pairing of velvet with lace, which lends a luxuriously sensuous feel. A velvet underwear set with a plunge bra and frilled boyshorts is just perfect to bring out the teenage girl in you.

Sporty stripes

For women who love to embrace their bold and active side, this season brings with it the trend of two-toned, multi-stripe designs with a sporty touch. Seen predominantly in bottom bands or straps of bras, as well as on the waistbands of panties, thongs etc., these patterns add an athletic touch to your style. Stripes in black and white are classic, but for those who want a little perk up, there are patterns in neon yellows with white, navy blue and red, and so on.

Unconventional bodysuits

Bodysuits have a special place in a woman’s lingerie drawer. This season, the function piece of women’s underwear sheds its usual simple or sporty design to embrace a romantic mood and a glamorous look. From gilded elastics to opulent laces, coloured fishnet, and lace ties, opulent and unusual details make their way into these body hugging and body defining underwear.


As suspender continue to return to their former glory, here is another separate in an underwear set that’s bound to become the season’s latest hit. Harnesses with elastic, lace, satin, velvet etc. along with accessories like rings, adjusters etc. are slowly becoming a hit among young women ( www.TheConfectionery.uk/Blog ), and those who love a little cheerful and playful dressing up within the bedroom. Their versatility also makes many designs a great choice for use under low neck or a tank top.

Cage designs are slowly making their exit, but strappy designs continue to reign supreme with a little remodelling – thin straps are now replaced by broader ones, often with striped or other designs. Multicolour prints on satin are an equally interesting choice to experiment in women’s underwear sets in autumn winter 2018.