How Ice Therapy Machines Help in Healing Orthopedic Injuries

An ice therapy machine is a device to deliver cold therapy to orthopedic injuries or surgical sites. Use of machines is the most efficient way to benefit from cold therapy.

Ice Therapy Machine – Uses and Benefits

An ice therapy machine consists of a system of tubes, a tank, a healing pad, and a pump to deliver freezing temperatures over the injury or surgical sites. You can fill the tank with water and ice ( https://isocomforter.com/ice-therapy-machine ), which can then circulate through the tubes to the healing pad. The cold temperature then penetrates inside the injured tissues via the pads.

Uses –

Cold therapy hampers nerve impulses, which helps heal injuries. You can use an ice therapy machine to speed up your recovery after shoulder, knee, or back surgeries. Using cold therapy after knee replacement can help you regain movement in your joints in lesser amount of time than without it and help you start your physical therapy sooner than expected.

Cold therapy is also useful to heal muscle soreness due to general fatigue or intense workouts. You can use an ice therapy machine to reduce pain in the tissues during the post-operative period. It can also help to reduce swelling that is common after surgeries.

Benefits –

Use of ice therapy machines speeds up recovery, which helps patients to get back on their feet sooner. Cold therapy can supplement any recovery program for orthopedic problems such as sports injuries, hip surgery, back surgery, knee surgery, and muscle trauma.

For cold therapy to work optimally, it needs to be delivered to the injury site in a consistent manner. Cold therapy via machines helps deliver healing temperatures over the injuries without interruptions. For instance, when you use an ice therapy machine from IsoComforter, you do not require replenishing water and ice in the tank every now and then. It helps the patients receive the healing benefits of cold therapy without interruptions.

Efficient delivery of cold therapy through machines reduces pain faster, which makes it unnecessary to use medicines to manage it. Excessive use of pain medicines during the recovery period after surgeries or injuries can lead to dependency on the drug. It can create health problems in the long run.

Cold therapy is safe and has no side effects. When you use an ice machine made with advanced technology, you can use it without worrying about burn injuries on the skin from freezing temperatures. For instance, IsoComforter ice therapy machines have been designed using a patented Iso Tube technology. It helps the healing pads to deliver cold therapy at just the right temperature for the skin.

Using ice therapy machines is an easy and convenient way to utilize the benefits of cold therapy. There are no hassles or problems with using ice machines ( https://isocomforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ) unlike dripping ice packs or uneven frozen pea bags that cannot deliver cold therapy optimally.

An ice therapy machine can aid your rehabilitation program and help you recover faster from any orthopedic surgery or injury.