How to Use an Ice Machine on Knees

Cold therapy is useful for healing all types of orthopedic trauma including knee pain. You can use an especially-designed ice machine for knee for cold therapy in lieu of ice packs.

Knee Injuries and Cold Therapy

Surgeries, ligament tears, sports-related trauma, and joint pain are common knee problems. You can use cold therapy to heal these types of knee injuries without any side effects.

Cold therapy after knee replacement surgery can remarkably speed up your recovery. Cold therapy hampers nerve impulses, which helps in reducing swelling and pain. When you use cold therapy on knees after the surgery ( IsoComforter.com/ice-machine-for-knee ), it can help the joint(s) regain movement faster than possible without the helping touch of freezing temperatures. It enables patients to begin their physical therapy sooner than possible without resorting to harmful medicines to reduce their pain. Excessive use of pain medicines can be addictive and cause harm to your health in the long run.

You can use cold therapy to heal minor to major knee injuries and trauma easily.

Using Ice Machine for Knees

When it comes to healing knee pain, use of messy ice packs simply is not ideal. First, ice packs can drip water over the surgical wounds and increase your chances of contracting post-operative infections. Second, ice packs are uneven, which doesn’t help deliver cold therapy efficiently.

Ice machines for knees are designed specially to use on the knee joints. You need to add water and ice to the tank that comes with the machine. You can then wrap the healing pad that comes with the machine around your knees. Now, all you need to do is to plug in the device and start benefiting from the healing power of cold therapy.

For maximum impact, you need to use cold therapy in a consistent manner on the knees. With regular application, you will be soon able to feel the difference in the pain in the knee joint. If you are recovering from a surgery or extensive injury, then you need to use cold therapy every day for a few hours for remarkable results.

When you buy an ice machine for knees ( IsoComforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ), ensure that you invest in a cold therapy unit made with advanced technology. For example, IsoComforter cold therapy units are made with the patented Iso Tube technology to deliver healing in the most efficient manner. The healing pad that comes with the machine consists of ridges to keep the skin safe from burn injuries that can occur due to freezing temperatures. But there is no such risk when you use IsoComforter cold therapy machines. The Iso Tube technology prevents any complications that can arise from temperature differences not suitable for the skin.

You can also buy either sterile or non-sterile pads depending on the nature of your knee injury. If you are recovering from a knee surgery, it is better to invest in a machine with a sterile pad.