Design Options for Horse Barns

Every barn design needs to incorporate several features to make the place comfortable for the horses. Right from the materials, colors, features, and unique elements specific to your requirements; a horse barn design requires careful considerations.

The Size and the Dimensions

The size of the horse barn must be in accordance with your requirement as well as the size of your property. The barn can include single or double stalls. You may even want more than two stalls. For the stalls, you will need to use proper partitions. The partition can be made entirely in wood or include grills halfway through them. For prefabricated barn structures ( capitolsheds.com/horse-barns ), the partitions may be made from other material depending on the builder’s preference.

The barn may or may not include a tack room depending on its size and design. It is always better to have provisions to build a tack room in the barn if the size of the structure can accommodate one. Building a tack room in a barn of 10x10 dimensions may not be feasible. In that case, you might need to make other arrangements to store the saddle and other equipments. Some bigger barn designs may also not include a tack room. But if it is important for you, discuss it with your prospective builders before they start creating the design.

The Roof

The climate in your area may impact the roofing design. To give an example, for building horse barns in Spotsylvania, it may be helpful to work with a local builder who may understand the unique needs for the equine structures based on the weather. The use of shingles or wood on the roofing may be very well based on the harshness of the winters in the place where you are building the horse barn.

Windows and Doors

The door and window designs must be ideal for natural light and proper ventilation respectively. You can choose Dutch doors, windows with mesh, or doors with grills for the right airflow as well as to provide provision for the natural light to enter the barn. Depending on the size of the barn, you can include one or more windows in its design. If the barn has a sliding door, it is better to include windows to keep the air circulating freely inside the structure.

Without proper ventilation and light, the air and the atmosphere inside the barn can get stale and gloomy. Such atmosphere can be unhealthy for the horses in the long run.


You can build the barn with prefabricated materials or wood depending on your preference. Other materials in use for horse barns ( www.Capitolsheds.com/About ) are recycled plastic or reclaimed wood. For the flooring, the materials can be clay, rubber, concrete, asphalt, limestone, or sand.


Choose the barn color to complement the shades used in your house’s exteriors or the theme in your backyard. You can even have the natural wood color as your choice.