Personalized Rings Will Never Go Uncherished

A ring is one of the most personal and meaningful pieces of jewelry that we wear. Rings have a special meaning that a necklace, pair of earrings, or a bracelet can never hope to match. Rings are worn and are gifted to celebrate special moments in our lives. We buy a class ring at graduation to remember the hard work and good times that we put into our personal life planning, and we share wedding and engagement rings to celebrate the moment we choose to share our life with another. Mothers are given rings with their children’s birthstones to commemorate the births of children; sons have rings with the family crest on them. Rings are a significant and personal fashion statement, but beyond that, they are a representation of life. Personalized rings are even more so.


Personalized rings show where we were and who we are. They are a celebration of life’s moments and accomplishments. They are very likely to remain with us, on our fingers for all time, until they are passed on to another member of the family as an heirloom. Engagement and wedding rings are becoming more and more personalized as people use the personalized rings to make the day even more special. A ring carved with special letters in English, Sanskrit or even Elvish, for the fantasy lovers. They can be engraved on the inside or monogrammed on the outside of the ring, making it a special thing of personalized beauty. Family crest rings or signet rings with the family initial ensure that they will always remain a part of the family. Rings with birthstones are a representation of the members of the family and will always serve as a special reminder of the presence of those loved ones in your life.

The best thing about a personalized ring is that it really is personal and unique. You can design and plan it yourself, putting in those special touches and accents that no one else will have. You can style it to your own tastes and preferences, whether it is English or another language that has its meaning deep within your soul. As a gift, a personalized ring will always be coveted for that very reason. Imagine that you are given a gift of a ring that was once worn by your grandmother, something that you saw on her finger every day. You will always have it to remember her by. Imagine the sense of pride and belonging that a young man will feel towards his family when he wears a ring that he shares with his father and brothers and that one day, he will pass on to his son.

Since the ring that you choose will be such a special part of your heritage, history and future, make sure that the quality and craftsmanship will endure. You want a ring that will last forever, so gold or silver are a must. Both metals are extremely beautiful, durable and easy to work with. Both look good anywhere and on anyone. Of course, choose something that is well made and in a style that will last forever. A personalized ring will always look good.

This article was written by Sean Undercoffler, on behalf of Magic Hands Jewelry, offering the widest range of custom ordered jewellery. To know more about custom jewelry, you may also visit Wisegeek.com.

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