Everything about Civil Rights Attorney

Sometimes taken for granted, protected civil rights are guaranteed to every person to help protect them. Civil rights can be violated in a variety of ways ( ACTSLaw/Civil-Rights-Attorney ), from race and sex discrimination to sexual harassment, to employment rights, to fair housing rights. Knowing when civil rights have been violated is difficult to determine in some cases, so consulting a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles is key in finding out if compensation is warranted.

Civil Rights and Violations

Civil rights cover a variety of situations to protect people against harassment and discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion, physical or mental disability, or status as a member of the uniformed services. A large variety of situations leads to people not knowing whether a civil right was actually violated, so consulting a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles is important because they can assess the situation and determine the proper course of action. In some cases, an action may be a “lawful discrimination” rather than an unlawful civil rights violation. Lawful discriminations can be situations where rights feel like they have been violated but have not actually been. For example, a promotion opportunity offered to multiple employees may use lawful discriminations, such as work ethic, performance, or skills; conversely, they cannot use unlawful discrimination, such as race, gender, pregnancy status, disability, or other various protected statuses.

Options After a Violation

Informal Negotiation

After a violation has been determined by a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles, there are multiple avenues of action that can be taken. The quickest option, and the most often-used, is to enter informal negotiations between the two parties by sitting down together (with attorneys present preferably) to draft an agreement that will satisfy both parties and resolve the dispute. Often, informal negotiations will result in some form of monetary payment in exchange for waiving the rights to a formal lawsuit.

Government Claim

Another oft used option that a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles will suggest is filing a complaint with state or federal government agencies. By filing a complaint with the government, the case is passed on to the appropriate government agency to start an investigation that will take actions on behalf of the accuser. A civil rights attorney will suggest a government claim be filed primarily because most civil rights cases will require a claim to have gone through the system in order to pursue a private lawsuit.

Private Lawsuit

Once a claim has been processed, a private lawsuit can be filed in order for justice to be found. A civil rights attorney in Los Angeles will help provide information to determine whether to file the suit at a state or federal level, although in some cases, the law will determine that for them. A suit will start by filing a complaint ( ACTSLaw/About-Us ), then laying out the facts and allegations in the case to show where protected civil rights have been violated.

Hiring a Civil RIghts Attorney - A Key to Success

The key to success in all legal cases is the hiring of the proper attorney. If civil rights are involved, then hiring a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles is going to give the best chance for a positive result in finding justice for unlawful discriminations.