Why Chinese Herbal Medicine in Houston Has Increasing Demand in Western Pharmacology

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of herbs boast of having great ingredients and formula equivalent to pharmaceutical medications and can be used for specific action in healthcare. They can help restore deficiency of balances in human health causing various ailments ( http//topacu.com ), which is the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine. These are widely acknowledged and used in western healthcare either in combination or standalone to handle basic to critical health issues. Specialized acupuncture clinics utilize the great values of Chinese herbal medicine in Houston to offer best healthcare solutions to patients.

Popular Chinese Herbal Medicine in Houston

Digestive Medicine

Ping Wei San is the herbal formula among the popular-most Chinese herbal medicine in Houston used to tone stomach and digestive function and lessen related problems. It can work wonderful where patients are suffering from bloating, stomach upset, and irritable bowel syndrome or constipation due to their unhealthy food habit and beverage intake. Equally, if you suffer from regular heart burn after having meals or feel heaviness, the herbal medicine can give great relief with steady result.

Menstrual Aid

Xiao Yao San is an immense herbal formula and traditional Chinese herbal medicine in Houston, which has received top acceptance to American women to address PMS related issues. While a great percentage of women experience a range of post menstrual syndrome causing irritation, displeasure and other emotional issues related to their cyclic concerns, this is the formula which can sooth psychological concerns, promote blood movement, relieve cramping and pain.

Men’s Sexual Dysfunction

Ginseng has been associated with the Chinese medicine for more than thousand years because of its matchless medical properties. Its health benefits especially as a men’s energy booster has been globally accepted and widely used in the US. Aside from prescribing it separate, Chinese herbal medicine in Houston use ginseng in combination with acupuncture to deal with erectile dysfunction, low libido, and impotency in men. It is also beneficial for people suffering from hypertension and hepatitis.

Mental Aid and Memory

Gingko biloba is universally found Chinese traditional medicine well known for its great benefits to promote memory in children to elderly. It has great properties which can fight back even the critical memory related issues such as dementia. It is often employed in Chinese herbal medicine in Houston to treat patients cognitive and brain based disorders to strengthen brain tissues with increased blood flow and promote optimal cell regeneration.

Energy Booster

Aside from using the traditional Chinese herb Bu Zhong Yi Qi in medication form to handle loose stools, anemia, frequent urination, it is also employed as a fantastic energy booster and help patients with extreme weakness ( http://topacu.com/about-us/ ), fatigue and needs assistance to boost core energy.