Determine How Powder Coating Makes It Unique from Its Equivalents

The simple process of powder casting uses the fusion of superfine grains of powder of varied dyes and textures plus resign, which is electro-statically deposited through sprayer guns over the objects ( sun-glo/powder-coating-services ), to be coated. The negatively charged dry powder automatically stick to the surface being heated and nicely get fused as an even coating, which is then oven backed. Curing process generates thermal backed heavy-duty bond resulting highly durable, smooth, attractive, and extremely protective coating layer. As per industry estimate, more than 12% of industrial finishes are depended on power coating services.


Powder coated substrates are found highly resistive to all sorts of scratching, fading, tearing, chipping apart from being 100% anti-corrosive. As the electromagnetic charge strongly fuse the grains of power on the surface, in the process it melts and also, forms a chemical session facilitating it to get glued. This results a finish, which is harder and enduring than tradition paints.


Firstly, its electro-static technique of powder blasting advantage leads to least amount of powder wastage. It’s on the other hand; in powder coating process a skilled labor can complete the entire procedure through single application. Opposed to traditional painting, there’s no need of waiting after every coating for drying or applying the next coat. This saves on operating cost as well as time making it highly efficient in its category.

Color and Texture Variety

Even though, color options are limited when it comes to power coating, however, with expert power coating services you can opt for profuse texture including smooth, matte, glossy, super glossy, fluorescent, wrinkle and grains toning that looks fantastic on decorative items, home products, electrical accessories, furnishings and more. Importantly, selection of matte, wrinkled or rough finish is a great choice for concealing surface stains or marks.

Cost Effective

Due to its process simplicity, less infrastructure, time saving, you can expect your power coating services to not only faster supplies but also quoting you in cost-friendly way. Simply put, superior class powder costs much less than any other branded traditional color. Secondly, with limited color options, plating companies mostly purchase very high volume powders from global market to get a bargain price. This eventually benefits you greatly cost-wise being in the chain.

Eco-Friendly Coating

One of the great benefits of powder coating is, it’s absolutely protective to our nature mother. It contains no toxic chemicals or volatile organic chemicals and thus highly acclaimed in the industry for its environmentally friendly nature. Equally, during the coating process, it doesn’t emit any kind of damaging gas or chemicals that can harm the technicians as well as the atmosphere.

Easy Maintenance

The enduring nature keeps powder coated materials ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), as it is for longer period of time. For cleaning, no special chemicals or soaps are required whereas simply mopping with liquid detergent can keep them gleaming as before. Absolutely resistive to corrosion and scratching, they never get rusted or discolored.