Simple Recipes for Empty Nesters

Cooking for a large family isn’t always easy, but it’s something you get used to. Many parents of teenagers also find themselves cooking extra food, because when your teenager unexpectedly invites a couple of their friends to stay for dinner, you just know you’re going to eat a lot of food! The great thing about having teens at home is that they usually gobble up the leftovers pretty quickly too. This is why many parent find it difficult to cook for themselves once their children have moved out. Some common problems include continuing to cook too much, not cooking at all and relying on restaurants, or feeling as though there is no point in putting effort into cooking for one or two, and sticking with simple recipes that maybe aren’t favorites.


The good news is that you can still enjoy cooking even when your kids are moved out. If you don’t feel it necessary to cook large, complex meals, you can go for simple recipes that are still delicious. Instead of cooking a whole chicken, go for chicken breasts or thighs. You can still use the same marinades and seasonings, just on a smaller scale. There are also great, simple recipes for desserts that make fewer portions. Try a recipe for a single-serving cake or loaf. They’re easy to find online.

If the complexity of cooking is what you love, then you by no means have to stick with the more simple recipes. You can still make fancy dishes. In fact, because you only need to please the palates of two people, and because you now have a little more room in your grocery budget, you can experiment with dishes that are a little more interesting and a little more exotic without worrying that it will be a waste of money. You can try new tastes that you have always wanted to try, but were held back from doing so because your kids wanted hot dogs or macaroni and cheese! Kids often prefer simple recipes, but now you only have to worry about your own taste.

When you are cooking in smaller portions, you can also afford to experiment a little bit more with new techniques and cooking methods. If you accidentally mess up the simple recipe, you will only have wasted two portions, so it’s not as much of a loss. You can try things that are anything but simple without as much fear of the consequences. Of course it’s always a little bit frustrating when a dish doesn’t quite turn out, but at least now you won’t have the guilt of having ruined your kids’ dinner and making them wait while you cook an alternative!

Having an empty nest can be quite an adjustment, but it’s also an opportunity to really make your own decisions when it comes to cooking. Whether it’s sticking with simple recipes that aren’t too complicated for two people, or trying out something new, you will get used to the adjustment in no time at all.

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