Why and When Are You in Need of Meeting an Ophthalmologist in Colorado Springs?

While lots of eye problems can be guessed from certain symptoms, like blur vision, patients with glaucoma typically don’t have a caution signal until there is a considerable vision loss. It is therefore, resolving on when you should visit an ophthalmologist in Colorado Springs ( Erikandersonmd/Ophthalmologist ) is likely to be a big question for anyone. The writing here offers you a general guideline explaining certain conditions when you should decide to meet an eye doctor.

Once you cross your 40’s: As per studies, deterioration of eye health begins as we become older and 40’s is the pointer which indicates you to have a consultancy as well as casual check up by an ophthalmologist to ensure if you’ve any vision problem.

You experience difficulty vision: Changing vision quality may cause difficulty while reading, working in office, while driving or in doing your daily activities. The sign is good enough to understand that you need to be examined by your nearby ophthalmologist in no time.

You have blur vision: Blur vision, flashes of light, or night time sensitivity to lighting is quite a good indication that you need instant intervention of an expert ophthalmologist in Colorado Springs.

You often have headache: Even if headache can be caused by various problems, if it occurs recurrently specially when you concentrate on activities like reading/ writing, working on computers, playing mobile games, it might a cause of your vision issue.

You have red eyes: Having red eyes is typically a cause of eye infection and must not be neglected to avoid major eye problem. In case of eye swelling, aching with redness, instant eye care is essential.

You experience double vision / loss of side vision: Very significant eye problem which should be at once taken into attention of an ophthalmologist in Silver Springs. You may also feel watery vision, sharp lines of lighting, and others.

Are You at Higher Risk Points?

If you are already having various health complications, a family history of cataract or consume certain medications, irrespective of your age, you are susceptible to come across various eye diseases and need regular check up of your eye health your ophthalmologist.

 You’re hypertensive, diabetic

 Have thyroid issues

 Having had a earlier eye injury

 Hereditary of cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, or macular degeneration

 You take medications like Prednisone, Plaquenil etc.

How an Ophthalmologist in Colorado Spring Differs from Optometrists and Opticians

Unlike optometrists and opticians, an ophthalmologist is a specialized eye doctor and surgeon. To serve the industry optometrists are required to hold Doctor of Optometry (OD) from an approved optometry institute. They’re licensed to perform basic eye exam, vision test, prescribe eyeglasses and only specific medications. They are not entitled to undergo surgical session. Opticians are basically technicians ( https://erikandersonmd.com/#services ) who use prescriptions given by ophthalmologists or optometrists and change corrective eyeglass lenses. They cannot prescribe medications or undergo surgery.