Tips to Select Unique and Offbeat Yard Lighthouses from a Sale

The outdoor areas of a house like the garden, patio, porch, driveway, lawn, and yard provide a creative playground for homeowners who love to deck up their abodes with décor objects and accessories. One such accessory that’s commonly found adorning lawns and yards is the wooden lighthouse. From miniature models to larger ( Dresstheyard.com/lighthouses ), people-sized designs, these lighthouses add visual interest to the landscape and exterior parts of the house. These nautical beauties are a favorite among lovers of coastal themes and who wish to bring home the charm of the island, rocks, and all things seafaring to their homes. Wooden lighthouse models are available for sale most parts of the year. Here are some tips to help you pick interesting and offbeat products that serve as focal points.

# 1 - Select replicas

Lighthouses that are miniature replicas of the actual ones found on islands and along coasts evoke an unusual nautical charm. Some commonly found replicas include St. Augustine, Oak Island, Tybee Island, Cape May, Fire Island etc. Installing a replica can say a lot of things – it may be that you’ve visited the lighthouse and were mesmerized by it. Or you simply may have read about it in books or seen an image and wish to pay a visit sometime in the future. Having one or more replicas is also a great way to build a collection, especially if you are a fan of all things nautical.

# 2 - Choose colorful designs

Most lighthouses are painted in the typical nautical colors including black, white, navy blue, and crimson. However, to add an element of interest, pick ones in offbeat color and designs such as vertical stripes, diagonal or zigzag patterns. Think lighthouses painted in the colors of your favorite sports team – navy and white pinstripe designs for New York Yankees, black and orange for Baltimore Orioles, purple and black for Baltimore Ravens, and so on. You could also hand paint a lighthouse in the colors of your choice.

# 3 - Pick handcrafted products

Handcrafted accessories are all about exclusivity and uniqueness. Though they appear similar, no two handcrafted pieces are ever alike. When buying a yard lighthouse on sale, look for handmade and hand painted pieces, such as handcrafted Amish lighthouses. These accessories made by skilled artisans have a rich, living feel and over time become legacy pieces that get passed on from generation to generation.

# 4 – Opt for LED or solar-powered lamps

Yard lighthouses sold today are designed to meet the expectations and needs of the new age, energy-conscious consumers. Exactly why there exist LED and solar-powered lamps to illuminate the inside of the lighthouses. Such lamps look very much like those that use electrical supply ( www.dresstheyard.com/shipping-returns ) but are often brighter and easier to install. Many of them also come with a revolving beacon to imitate the actual functioning of a lighthouse. Such energy-efficient outdoor décor items not only help save money but also lend an eco-friendly twist to your green thumb.