How does a car accident lawyer get paid?

You many have heard the assurances that hiring a car accident lawyer won’t cost you anything unless you win, and that’s great, but then what happens if you do win? Lawyers are reputed to be expensive ( Actslaw/car-accident-lawyer ), so you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles if you do win.

How does a personal injury attorney charge clients?

Law firms are paid a contingency fee when they win. The contingency fee is a percentage of the money that was recovered on your behalf in your case. If the attorneys don’t win the case, then their client isn’t paid, and so the lawyers don’t get paid, either. However, if you do win, then your lawyers will get a percentage of the settlement, usually about thirty percent, or a third. When you negotiate the fee with your car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, be sure that the contingency fee is clearly spelled out in the contract—and that you have read the contract and understand it.

This part of the agreement is straightforward, but you will want to take notice of whether or not there are any other fees and expenses to be aware of as your case goes on. If an agreement can’t be reached between all parties, you and your car accident lawyer in Los Angeles may decide to go to court to recover some of your losses. If the accident was not your fault, then you may have lost quite a bit; therefore, hiring a car accident lawyer will be very beneficial to you because they can likely help you recover more funds than you can get on your own, especially if you do have to go to court. In that case, there are expenses and upfront fees that will have to be paid, such as filing fees, paperwork fees for summonses and subpoenas, and costs for obtaining necessary documents, such as medical records, police reports, or witness statements.

Nothing can proceed until these costs are paid, and it will state in the contract between client and attorney as to how the fees and expenses will be covered.

If the legal firm has paid the fees on behalf of their client, then they will usually deduct them from the settlement at the end, meaning that the fees and expenses are added to the amount that the car accident lawyer in Los Angeles will receive. The fees should be dealt with first from the total award, and then from the contingency fee to the attorney afterwards. If you lose the case, these fees and expenses will still have to be paid.

Is it all worth it? That is, should you hire a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles to negotiate a better settlement for you than you can get on your own? Yes, you should—especially if you have experienced serious injuries and significant changes to your personal circumstances through no fault of your own. Car Accidents can be life-changing events, but with the help of a car accident lawyer ( Actslaw/about ), you can put your life back to the way that it was. Talk to a car accident lawyer today to find out how they can help you out.