The Amazing Features of a White Standing Desk!

White standing desks are of a great utility. While the white color brings more positivity to the workstation, the standing desk has many health benefits attached to it. Standing desks has become the first choice of working professionals as it very convenient to use, and using standing desk ( easyergo.co/standing-desk )gives right sitting posture and relaxation to spine. The desk has many features that makes it a comfortable option of work desk.

Features of White Standing Desk:

1. Adjustable height:

The most effective and helpful feature of this desk is the electric desk height adjustment. Consumer can set the height of the desk as per their convenience. The change is height feature gives an option to the consumer to either stand and work on it or use a chair and work. This feature makes the work station a perfect place to work.

2. Non-collision technology:

While adjusting the height of the desk, if it is striking any other thing like window or some other object, it would stop increasing / decreasing its height. That is the anti-collision feature of the product. It wouldn’t get damaged if it hits any other object rather it would stop itself.

3. Memory settings:

This product comes with an amazing feature of feeding the memory with the adjusted height. If some other person uses the desk and changes its height, you can come back, feed your pre-set height number and the desk will automatically change as per your requirement.

4. Crossbar:

This feature is installed in the product to maximize its stability. It helps to avoid any kind of shaking and unsteadily movements in the desk.

5. Wheels locking system:

The table has four wheels to help it in moving from one place to another. But this does not make the desk unstable as the wheels have a locking system installed in it. Once the desk is moved to the desired place, it can be fixed by looking the wheels of the desk.

6. Cable tray:

The desk is equipped with all the features to make it user friendly for its consumers. This product has a cable tray which enables users to plug in the electronic products in the desk itself. The consumers don’t have to find any plug-in point to access the electronic items.

Disadvantage of of White Standing Desk:

● Prolonged working hours:

If the standing desks are utilized without chairs, then this might not be a very good option for prolonged working hours. These desks can be used for small duration of working hours ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ), or by lowering the height and using chairs for the same.

● Low adjustment speed:

As compared to the dual motorized desks, the height adjustment speed of them is low. They also have less weight bearing capacity as compared to dual motorized desks.

● Noise:

They create lot of noise while changing the height of them. These desks are also low in budget as compared to the dual motorized desks.

Final thoughts:

White standing chair is a very good option for a workstation furniture. Since white color brings peace and positivity, and the electronic features of the desk makes it easier and comfortable to work on it.