Bring Home a Coastal Charm with Onion Lights

Onion lights are found prominently across many American homes. These nautical light fixtures were originally used on fishing boats in the 1800s and were named after their bulbous, onion-shaped globes. The glass originally shielded the whale oil flame housed within from rain, wind, and sea spray. As the glass shades became thinner with improved blowing techniques ( crescentharbor.com/onion-lights ), these lanterns received a protective cage and a loop handle that allowed them to be carried around and hung on walls using wooden pegs or metal brackets. Modern day onion lights are electric nature and carry light bulbs within. They are made using a wide range of metals like copper, aluminum, brass etc. They also feature multiple painted or metal-pated finishes as well as a choice of clear and textured glasses. Here is a look at the different kinds of onion lanterns that you can decorate your home with.

Wall sconce

A wall sconce replicates the exact manner in which portable onion lanterns were used except that modern-day versions are attached to the walls using metal plates instead of pegs. The fixture is attached to the plate using a metal rod that connects it to the housing. While most onion lanterns carry the loop, some designs skip the metal bracket. Those that include them use the bracket as an additional joint to the wall through the base plate. While one end of the bracket rests on the upper part of the plate, the curved end gets welded to the outer portion of the loop. Onion lamp sconces can be used in indoor as well as outdoor areas, but typically adorn patios, porches, and outdoor walls.

Pendant lights

Hanging onion lanterns, or more appropriately, pendant lights are a beautiful sight in entry points to a home as well as in rooms that are meant for relaxation. These nautical lights add a coastal charm and lend a warm vibe to any space instantly. Onion lantern pendant lights are typically hung using chains and are suitable for hallways, patios, front entries to homes, staircase landings, dining tables, cupolas, and other dark nooks within the home that need general lighting.

Ceiling mounts

Onion lanterns can also be used as ceiling mount lights. The housing of the fixture is attached directly to the ceiling via a baseplate. Such designs typically do not carry the loop and have their lower ends open for maximum diffusion of light. Ceiling mounted onion lamps can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, porches, and other spaces that need illumination over a larger area.

Post mounts

Onion lanterns are a breathtaking sight in the exterior areas of a home. These lights can be fitted atop posts to light up driveways, gardens ( www.Crescentharbor.Com/ ), and other outdoor areas that need illumination. They also look equally inviting when set atop boundary walls or over name plates and mailbox slots.

Irrespective of the kind of light fixture that you use, onion lanterns bring home a coastal charm and can be used indoors and outdoors in any locale.