Five Ways to Identify the Best Recruiting Firms in San Francisco

According to a staffing industry statistics, there are more than 20,000 recruiting firms with 39,000 offices operating ( VitaminTalent.com/best-recruiting-firms-in-san-francisco ) in the US alone. When you have so many options available, it can be a difficult task to select your recruitment partner.

Not any two recruiting agencies are the same and there are certain traits that make some agencies great recruitment partners. Here are the top five traits of best recruiting firms in San Francisco that can act as a guideline when selecting a recruitment partner.

1. Great Listening Skills

A good professional recruiter will be a great listener. Only when the agency is all ears to client and job seekers, it would be able to understand the requirements of both parties in a better manner. When the staffing agency knows your staff requirements well, it is easier for them to find a good match.

A good recruitment agency will spend time and put efforts to know your business goals by speaking to your managers and help your company accomplish them by bringing the right talent on-board.

2. High-Level of Involvement of the Senior Decision Makers

High-performance recruiters have a higher than average level of involvement from all levels of the organization including managers and other staff. The active involvement of senior decision makers has a positive impact on the recruitment projects.

In leading staffing agencies, the COO and CEOs jump in to solve your biggest concerns and use their knowledge and power to guide the recruiters to develop the right recruitment strategies.

3. Quality over Quantity

Today recruiters are flooded with irrelevant resumes. Some recruiters follow traditional hiring practices and spend a large amount of time in hiring candidates that are irrelevant. They are so much driven by the sole objective of filling positions that they fail to focus on important aspects that can lead to a bad hire.

The best recruiting firms in San Francisco get creative and disruptive when hiring for clients. For example, they create simulations that gauge specific job-related skills and abilities. They also create assessments that predict whether the candidate has the characteristics and motivation required for a specific job role. All these recruiting activities translate into quality hires.

4. Always Strive to Be Better

The best recruitment agencies work to ensure the recommended candidates meet the client’s requirements. They seek feedback after interviews to ensure they are targeting the right pool of candidates. If necessary, they change their hiring strategies to ensure the clients’ staffing demands are met in all respects.

5. Passive Candidate Recruitment Expert

The best candidates are already employed elsewhere. The best recruiting firms have deeper networks in the industry and they are well-connected with the best talent working in the industry. These agencies can reach passive candidates ( VitaminTalent.com/talent ), discuss your job offer, and show them positive points in joining your organization.

In the world as demanding as ours, you wouldn’t like to take the risk of choosing a wrong recruitment partner. And the best recruiting firms in San Francisco have these traits which make them successful.