Top Five Frequently Asked Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Hiring the right marketing talent goes a long way in building a strong brand online. When hiring marketing talent ( vitamintalent.com/marketing-job-interview-questions ), you should not limit your vision to qualifications alone. You should look for people who are passionate about marketing and show the potential for growth in your company.

Here are some frequently asked marketing interview questions and answers that can help you find the candidates you are looking for.

1. What Are the Important Ps of Marketing?

It is one of the basic questions asked in marketing job interviews. The right answer is the product, price, promotion, and place which are the 4 important Ps of marketing. Some marketers also incorporate extended Ps of marketing like packaging, people, and positioning which is referred to as an extended marketing mix or the 7Ps of marketing.

2. Which Are the Different Marketing Channels You Have Worked In?

The question can be used to test a candidate’s knowledge about different marketing channels and experience of using these channels. The four main marketing channels are Direct Selling, Dual Distribution, Reverse Channels, and Selling through intermediaries.

3. How Would You Define a Campaign a Success?

This is an important question you should include in your list of marketing interview questions and answers. It tests a candidate’s knowledge about measuring the effectiveness of the campaign. Marketing is one of the biggest expenditures for any company. Hence the marketing team should be able to test the success of marketing activities and measure ROI.

There are several analytical tools that allow you to measure the success of a marketing strategy. Some important metrics to look for are incremental sales, SEO traffic, Google Analytics landing page performance, social visits and leads, and many more.

4. If a Customer Has Left a Negative Review, How Would You Respond to It?

Reviews are important, and they boost SEO and customer loyalty towards a brand. While good reviews are welcome, some customers remain unsatisfied due to some reasons and that leads to a negative review. The candidate you are interviewing should be ready for the challenge that comes in the form of negative reviews.

Negative reviews are like hidden opportunities where marketing staff has the opportunity to communicate, get to know what went wrong and make things right. The candidate should be able to demonstrate ways to respond to the negative review in constructive ways.

5. Why Do You Love Marketing?

This question can be used to test the candidate’s passion for marketing. Doing any work without being passionate about it is not a good thing. If the candidate is not passionate about marketing, he/she is more likely to lose interest sooner or later.

There are many other marketing interview questions and answers that can be used to assess a potential candidate. But the above frequently asked marketing questions ( vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ) are enough to start with and judge the suitability of the candidate for the marketing role he/she is being interviewed for.

Do you know other important marketing questions that should have been part of this list?