The Necessity of Yoga Mat Bag That Makes Them Demanding in the Market

Carrying a reasonably large heavyweight yoga mat is unsurprisingly an awkward job and which is why; modern yogis prefer using yoga mat bag ( livewell360.com/yoga-mat-bag ) that is efficient, handy, and safe to carry things as well as the mat. Importantly, more durable bags mean, they are thicker and hefty; while the length that needs to be accommodating to an average man’s height makes it burdensome to carry without being equipped with the right means.

Appreciatively, with the presence of mat bags perfectly designed considering the length, width and thickness of mats and with various kinds of straps, you can carry them slinging over the shoulder keeping your both hands free. Taking into consideration the safety concern of your expensive yoga mat and let it stand all possible beatings on the way, it’s recommended to go for high quality mat bags.

Key Points to Consider

Choose Material

Choosing the right material of a yoga mat bag is an essential point; given that the containers are basically the protectors of your mat. Not only from all possible damages that can occur on the way during your travel but uniformly from getting mold and bacterial growth, which is extremely damaging for your wellbeing. Bags made of ballistic nylon have high demand in the market since the superior grade nylon is lightweight, robust, and easy to maintain. Simple washing with ton-toxic chemical detergents keep them shiny looking and well sanitized over the years. Canvas is also a good product for mat bags and is widely used by young yogis.

Find the Size

Essentially, prior to buying your yoga mat bag, determine the size in rolled condition, and also confirm the thickness, length, and width to cross-check. While buying bags online, go through the specs column, where you can find the sizes or thickness of mats that they can hold.

Design and Construction

When it comes to design, all you have to verify is the number of compartments and pouches that it has, apart from the zipper type and its method of opening. With horizontal full upper part opening ( www.livewell360.com/products ), it would be easier for you to load and unload your mat. As you should look for biodegradable organic materials, always go for breathable quality of bags or items with tiny air holes that keeps them well ventilated and hygienic. Mat bags are available with eye-catchy colors and printed designs. Finally check the constructional part including quality of knitting, straps, zippers etc. Look for straps that are adjustable by which you can adjust their length depending on your need. Length of straps is a basic point of consider especially those who use bike, motorcycle or cycle to reach yoga points.