Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD - Why Regular Visits are Important?

Pediatricians are the doctors who have a specialized training and education in child healthcare. These doctors are well versed with the child’s illness, behavior, child’s growth etc. Since there are many pediatricians in a town ( www.whiteoakpediatrics.com/ ), it is very essential for parents to find a pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD who is experienced, updated with medical advancements, and has a good connection with the child. Let us discuss various parameters related to this.

When to choose a pediatrician

1. Child’s Birth: People go for a pediatrician search post the delivery of their baby. It creates a hassle in case there is some emergency. It is always advisable to choose a pediatrician before the birth of a child, between 34th – 40th week of pregnancy.

2. When a change in the location: When parents relocate from one place to another, it is always advisable to first find a good pediatrician for your child. Parents do not need to look out for a pediatrician in a new place, they should always know where to reach out in case of a child’s illness.

How to choose a pediatrician

1. Word of mouth: Potential pediatricians have a good word of mouth, initial shortlisting can be done on the basis of word of mouth. But it completely depends on a child how he/she reacts to the doctor’s medicine and how better the doctor is able to connect with the child.

2. A doctor is well updated with medical advancements: With everyday medical advancements, it is essential to know whether the doctor is well updated with all medical advancements, vaccines, viral, illness and behavioral issues etc.

3. Has much experience as a practitioner? A well-experienced doctor is always preferable as they are well aware with the best treatment to be given to the patient and aware with child’s behavior and seriousness of the illness. An experienced doctor will take quick action and provide the best treatment based on his experience.

Why regular visits are important

1. To check on the regular basis of the child’s development: For a new-born, it is important to record their monthly development in terms of weight, height, vaccines, nutrition deficiency, behavioral changes etc. Hence it is always advisable to pay a regular visit to your pediatrician.

2. Vaccinations updates: On the birth of a child, parents are given a vaccination chart. However, based on the ongoing viral infections ( http://www.whiteoakpediatrics.com/meet-our-providers ), pediatricians often provide required vaccines other than the vaccine chart. Hence it is important to regularly meet your pediatrician to be updated for vaccines.

When to immediately see a doctor

1. When the child is suffering from a high fever/cold

2. If the child suddenly gets the fits or become unconscious, visit a doctor immediately.

3. If the child is suffering from ear pain, skin infection or is profusely vomiting, immediately visit the doctor.