The Must-Ask Marketing Job Interview Questions You Need to Ask

When you recruit for your marketing team, you want someone who can do a great job and stay with your company for a long time. The only way you can hire great marketing talent ( vitamintalent.com/marketing-job-interview-questions ) is by asking the right marketing questions. Here are some must-ask marketing job interview questions to help you find the right candidates.

1. Tell Us About Marketing Campaign That Didn’t Go as Planned. What Did You Learn from the Experience?

The objective of the question is to understand how the candidate handles failure. Every day thousands of products and services are launched and only a few appeal to customers. It is necessary the marketer does not get demotivated by failure or focus on things that are not under his/her control. When the candidate is answering the question, look for the following things:

· Is the candidate overly discouraged by failure?

· Does the candidate show the ability to analyze and learn from failures?

· How creatively can the candidate apply things learned from failures?

2. If You Are Planning to Market a Product and There Are Differences in the Team About Ideas and Values, How Would You Deal with Such Situation?

It is one of the important marketing job interviews questions which would help you find if the candidate is a team player and how he/she responds to other people’s opinions and views. You need to look for following characteristics in the answer:

· Is the candidate open-minded?

· Does the candidate show ability to bridge differences?

· Can the candidate manage disagreement and find solution positively?

Marketing team consists of people coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences and it is necessary the candidate is able to get the team focused on the product and not on personal differences and views.

3. What are the benefits of Google Ads?

It is a marketing strategy that helps marketers to focus on potential customers. For example, visitors to your website who did not make a purchase. The candidate should have knowledge and experience of using Google Ads (earlier known as Google Adwords) and create display network campaigns and search network campaigns.

4. What Attracted You to Digital Marketing Industry?

There is no definite answer to this question and the main objective of the question is to find the candidate’s interest and passion for digital marketing. An ideal candidate would be enthusiastic while answering this question. You need to look at the enthusiasm level of the candidate ( vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ) to know if the candidate is really passionate about his/her job.

You can use this set of marketing job interview questions as a reference and prepare your own questions as per your hiring needs. So, prepare your questions or use the ones we have given and start interviewing.

Do you think we missed any question that could make this list of marketing interview question better? Please feel free to leave your comments below.