Why Recruiting Agencies in Los Angeles are More Important Than You Think

According to the latest talent shortage survey, 45% of the 40,000 employers surveyed globally are struggling to find the right people for a variety of job roles. With talent shortage becoming more intense, more companies are hiring recruiting agencies ( vitamintalent.com/recruitment-agency-los-angeles ) to get the best talent on board.

If you think recruiting agencies only help you find candidates, there is more to it. Here are some of the unique benefits that come along when you partner with recruiting agencies in Los Angeles.

They Reduce Hiring Costs

If you are conducting recruitment activities in-house, you need to consider various hiring costs like salaries, employee referral bonus, infrastructure costs, software licensing fees, costs related to background checks, and advertising costs.

When you partner with a staffing agency, some of these costs are absorbed by the agency. For example, the majority of the recruitment activities like advertising, pre-screening, skill tests, background checks are handled by the recruitment agency.This helps in reduction of hiring costs to some extent.

They Help Build Strong Employer Brand

Today a strong employer brand has become critical to attract high-quality candidates. While large companies can spend huge amounts on building an employer brand, SMEs with a limited budget cannot.

Recruitment agencies in Los Angeles can help here. They act as your company’s brand ambassador. They give the potential candidates idea about the existing growth opportunities, and corporate culture. Through videos and testimonials of existing employees, staffing agencies show candidates how it is like to work for your company. All this helps in creating a strong employer brand.

Improve Your Organization’s Productivity

It’s a no-brainer that vacant positions lead to increased workload on existing employees that cause stress and reduce productivity. The longer it takes to fill a position, the more productivity loss your company has to bear.

Recruitment agencies maintain talent pools that contain ready for job candidates for different positions. They can scout talent quickly and reduce the time to hire significantly. Since positions are filled quickly, existing employees don’t have to shoulder the additional workload. Thus recruiting agencies improve an organization’s productivity in two ways- filling positions quickly and saving existing employees from the additional workload that enhances their productivity.

They Find Cultural Fit Candidates

Cultural fit is an important trait in recruiting. Only cultural fit candidates are expected to get higher satisfaction in the job and are more likely to stay longer in your company. Recruiting agencies work with your company’s hiring manager and other staff to identify critical characteristics and behaviors that mesh well with your work culture. Based on the findings ( https://vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ), they prepare tests and questions to assess the cultural fit aspect of candidates appearing for the interview.

You can see recruiting agencies in Los Angeles do more than just filling positions. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best staffing agency and get the right talent onboard at lower costs.

Do you know any other benefits of working with a staffing agency? Please feel free to come.