Six Benefits of Using Spam Filtering Solutions for Enterprises

Email spam continues to be a big threat for businesses and there has been a rapid increase in phishing scams year after year. According to the latest spam statistics ( www.Securence.com/Spam-filtering ), around 45% of emails spent are spams and junk mail costs businesses $20.5 billion per year. Spam filtering can solve this problem. Here is how.

Reduces Server Load

According to spamlaws.com statistics, around 14.5 billion spam messages are sent daily. Such a high number of junk emails would increase the server load. Your email server would be working harder then to process these emails that might lead to capacity and performance issues.

With anti-spam solutions in place, spam mail is stopped before it reaches your server and only legitimate mail reaches your mail server.

Reduces Data Costs

If all junk mail is delivered to your server instead of being filtered out, you are more likely to pay 4 times more than normal (spam mail being filtered out). Depending on the email volumes and your internet and data plans you would be paying a significant amount of money unnecessarily.

Anti-spam filters sit between the Internet and your internal network and stop spam from entering your intranet which in turn reduces data traffic and data costs.

Minimizes Virus Exposure

Most spam mail contains some malicious code which can lead to virus infections and harmful consequences. When you employ a spam filtering solution, the possibility of spam mail passing through filters is minimal which minimizes the risk of virus infections.

Increases Productivity

If the spam mail filter reaches your employee's inboxes, they would spend a large amount of time in picking legitimate emails out of the noise. There is also a chance they would miss important things while sifting real emails from the inbox.

When you use anti-spam solutions, your employees are not required to waste time on deleting spam mail from the inbox and can focus on their work.

Minimizes Risk of Blacklisting

If your local machine has got infected by a virus from spam mail, it would be possible for a spammer to use it as a bot to send spam emails. In that case, it would appear your mail server is sending spam or junk emails and your email server would get blacklisted by several spam monitoring services. You can avoid all this trouble by using anti-spam solutions.

Get Additional Archiving and Email Storage Options

Most cloud-based anti-spam service providers also offer mail archiving and email storage options which can act as an email backup. If you are looking for email archiving solutions, this can be a great supplement service that you can get along with an anti-spam solution.

Not only spam affects your organization’s productivity, but it also causes security breaches that can invite customer ire and hefty fines for not employing best security practices. Using spam filtering services ( https://www.securence.com/blog/ ) is the best protection you can get for your business and clear off the risks associated with spam.

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