Five Delta Zeta Apparel Trends to Try Out Right Away

Custom-made Greek life apparel helps you stand out from the rest of the chapters with unique clothing styles, embellishments, etc. Such clothing, like the ones you wear every day, traverse trend cycles and have changing elements from season to season. If it is monochromes or small prints in one season ( AdamBlockDesign.com/Delta-Zeta ), the next may be about vibrant colors and large graphics. To know what’s trending in Delta Zeta apparel this season, read on.

1 - Foil Prints

Metallic colors are reigning supreme in makeup. Clothing falls in line by incorporating this element into apparel through the use of foil prints. These embellishments are the hottest favorites among sorority members for their glistening appeal. Foil prints typically look best in silhouettes, outlines, or lettering of large designs, and so, they are used to define chapter names, letters, print outlines, or quotes on the front and back sides of t-shirts, tank tops, polos, and hoodies.

2 - Fruit Prints

Large sized fruits prints are the next big thing in Delta Zeta apparel. Strawberries, pineapples, watermelons, and fruit baskets take the place of graphic designs spread over almost the full length and breadth of the tee. These fruits may be placed in rows, above chapter names, but can also cover a good part of the print design, house other text, captions, or funky motifs within them. Tanks tops with fruit print designs are the most popular, followed by relaxed, round neck tees and crew neck sweatshirts.

3 - Henley t-shirts

The crew neck t-shirts with long sleeves and a small front placket may be a guy’s favorite, but they are definitely capturing the hearts of girls this season. Custom Greek apparel now includes many designs of such tops in myriads of colors to suit girls’ tastes and preferences. Henley t-shirts for Delta Zeta, however, carry classic print designs – chapter letters around the pocket in front and a large logo print on the backside.

4 - Chevron patterns

Chevron patterns have taken print designs by storm and they’re well-loved on Delta Zeta apparel as well. The beauty of chevrons is that they can be used in simple zig-zag-like lines or carry more intricate floral motifs, scrollwork, or other geometric patterns in their arrangement. Duo-chrome chevrons within circles or other geometric shapes can set the backdrop for your chapter name. The other way around, multicolor chevrons can be used as spaces fillers within the letters of your chapter name, when printed in extra-large sizes.

5 - Tie-dye with graphic prints

Multicolor tie-dye patterns are yet another hot trend this season. What's more, the latest Delta Zeta apparel takes this technique a step further ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ), combining it with large graphic prints for an even quirkier appeal. Think circular tie-dye patterns in a series of colors serving as the backdrop for a large black and white animal print in the center - eye-catching, isn’t it?

Whether you’re gearing up for a social initiative drive or simply the holidays, get hold of these trendy Delta Zeta apparel to wear at your sorority gathering.