A Beginner’s Guide on Picture Lamps

The best way to do is installing picture lamps. Yes, picture lights are used all over the world to display artwork. In museums and galleries ( crescentharbor.com/picture-lights ), you will find painting and artwork are illuminated with picture lights. These lights create the perfect background and lighting for the art to be displayed.

Picture lamps are also used in the homes to enhance the beauty of the artwork. They can enhance the beauty of the artwork manifolds. But for that, first, you have to the find the right picture lamp and then install it properly to illuminate the artwork.

How to Choose the Right Picture Light?

Here are the three things which you need to keep in mind to choose the right picture light for your artwork:

Size of picture light

There is no exact rule for choosing the right size of the picture lamps. The general thumb rule is that the width of the picture light should be half of the width of the artwork excluding the framework. This principal works best for the artworks of small size. If your artwork is of large size, then the width of the picture light should vary in between half to one-third of the width of artwork.

Style of picture light

What style of picture light will suit best- Wall mount or Frame mount? Wall mount picture lamps are mounted on the wall and sit at the top of the framework whereas frame mount picture lamps are mounted on the frame itself. Both serve the same purpose. It’s just frame mount picture lights provide you the freedom of movement of picture light with artwork.

Type of picture light

Picture lights are of three types- Plug-in, Direct Wire and Battery Operated. Plug-in picture light gets power by plugging into a power source. Direct wire picture light is hardwired into the home's electric fitting. It is permanently fixed into walls and cannot be repositioned freely like plug-in and battery operated lights. And, battery-operated picture light uses the inbuilt battery as power source.

Where to position picture lights?

Here are the few suggestions to position the picture lamps right:

• Focus the beam of picture light to the center of the artwork. It allows picture light to illuminate the bottom and top of the artwork equally.

• Make sure picture light is placed approximately at the eye level.

• The angle between picture light and artwork should be thirty degrees.

So these were the few tips on choosing the right picture light and its installation. If you have not illuminated your artwork with the picture lamps ( https://www.crescentharbor.com/ ), it is time you should do that and witness the magic of picture lamps.